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Full Version: Prime Cotto 147 and Prime Mosley 147
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Now if you look at this fight at face value and you base your decision soley on what happened back in November you might think that Mosley would automatically win. I however disagree for several reasons.

1. The Mosley that fought Cotto had fought at 154 for so long that he thought that he could out muscle Cotto and be the bigger man. This proved to be wrong in there fight. I don't think a Prime Mosley would even atempt such strategy and I think he would be on his toes and try to box a hole lot more if they had fought in his prime. So when they did clinch Cotto would have an even easier time punishing Mosley to the body.

2. Mosleys hands would have been a little faster but since he was coming up from 135 he didn't have the power that he has now so we I don't think the right hands would have had the same effect on Cotto that they had in their fight. Cotto would have probably been walkin through them as he attempted to close the gap.

3. This is probably the biggest fact and that a Prime Mosley didn't have the experience that he has now so alot of what Cotto did in the fight would have been brand new to him. I think Cotto still wins but fight would be completely different.

Mosley beats him clearly. Shane in his younger days was not only quicker with his hands, but also with his feet. Shane was very good at moving in and out on an opponent, with quick powershots. Also, Shane had a higher workrate. He would be able to outhustle Cotto in close, and never get tired.

I think Cotto has top notch toughness and thus he lasts 12, but he is beaten decisively by a better fighter.
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Mosley by close decision (if Mosley was in his days of the first DLH fight).

Though I have to admit, I had Mosley winning their fight, JUST. So I have Mosley up even out of his prime.

I think todays Mosley is just barley past his prime...I had Cotto up 7-4-1 their fight.

It would be a close fight either way.
and the NEW

Yeh, Mosley wasnt much past his prime. Just in there with a lot bigger guy than compared to most of his lighweight enconters. Though, Mosleys prime was lightweight, so a matchup in that division is the only way I could say you can see a PRIME Mosley. Though, the first DLH fight was very very very close to that form.
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