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Full Version: What are your fightnight rituals?
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I'll post mine later I just want to see what some you other guys do when the big fight is about to go down.
Always watch a big fight with either my family or some of my boys. I dont really have any particular rituals...I just get really hyped.
Not too much... usually just invite over some fight fan friends. LOTS of beer (good beer; see the beer thread) and we usually score some takeout like pizzas/wings/subs or whatever. We try to time it so that the food arrives during the undercard so we aren't bothered during the main event. Other than that of course just making sure I schedule myself to work Saturday morning other than at night, and all day at work I usually talk about the fight with my employees (I have several that are bigtime fans) which just pumps me up all the more.

Bill The Butcher
Now a days, I go to my brother's condo and watch it with a bunch of people. But we all stand for the first round. NO SITTING until the second round.

It's a ritual I have done for a long time.

We even do it for UFC cards.

We only do it for the big fights like, Hopkins, Mayweather, Delahoya, Tyson, Mosley, Liddell, Rampage, etc.
Being a HW fan...I now find myself PRAYING to the boxing Gods prior to a HW fight that at the very least....a KO of some form will occur....not even a pretty one....just not a BORING UD or SD. Just a decisive outcome....

They rarely listen to me. dntknw.gif
DEP Nihilist
Eat, have a good time, laugh at the stupidity of "casual fans" and then ignore everyone when the main event comes on.
Nothing unusual. I usually have either a BBQ or some form of takeaway lunch. I get PPV's at my parents as I don't have a phone on at home.

My mother gets told to "fuck off" at least once during a PPV. Usually because she asks some stupid question at the start of the first round like "when will you clean the pool for me I want it done now".

I don't really have any rituals, just usually watch it with my dad and brother.
Booze. Whatever is handy. Whiskey. Scotch. Wine. Beer. Which usually coincides with drunken calls or txt msgs between rounds to Boxingcritic, Salva, JD8, Caneman, my brother and/or my boys.

The next morning usually starts out with calls or texts to them again, saying, "I don't know if we spoke last night, but what did you think?".
Usually some beer and some pizza. Ill usually watch the fights with my girl, who I have turned into a boxing fan and maybe some of my boys if they arent working. I used to watch all of the PPVs at my favorite Taqueria, but I moved close to an hour away and its a pain in the ass to drive there.
Sometimes a few beers, sometimes I don't feel like drinking it just depends on the mood. I used to watch all of the fights with my two best friends who are brothers and who are the one's who got me into boxing but now one of them lives 6 hours away and the other 2 hours, so I still go by my friends house that lives 2 hours away with his brother though we just talk on the phone after about the fight and what we thought, sometimes we'll text message the the scores after each round...

My dad sometimes likes to come over and watch the fights too so that is nice.
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