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Full Version: PPV tongiht. Valero and Linares (Prefight/Round by Round)
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This looks like an interesting PPV, at least as a showcase for champions Jorge Linares and Edwin Valero. Linares has the more experienced opponent.

I Like Rudy Lopez to win on the undercard. He is a slight underdog (+100 ) to the Japan fighter ( -130 ) who defeated Lopez by kayo in their first fight. Lopez dropped Matsuda in the 1st round of their first fight and claims he just got careless. Matsuda has never done anything other than stopping the former WBC featherweight champ Lopez.

I like Lopez to win the rematch in style. at even money, I hope to double up.

Linares and Valero are big favorites.


Admin Note: Will make it as a prefight/round by round thread for anyone interested in the fights. Thank you for this post.



looks like a pretty good card only $30 so i'll mostl likley end up ordering it.
Any1 know of a stream?

Valero is gunna get a 1st round TKO. This would be my bet.
I'm not betting tonight...but here's some observations...

Gamaliel Diaz was reminiscent of Maussa when he spoiled Robert Guerrero's first run...the way he looked and fought that night...I wouldn't feel confident betting against him....due to the resemblance.


Valero is a 28 to 1 favorite tonight....the over/under is set at 4.5 rounds...over is +135, under is -170...

Laying the odds on the under is where it's $510 to win $300. Could be a gimmie...
Jack 1000
Now, not to rain on anyone's parade, but why couldn't Showtime have picked up this card? Anyway, it will give American audiences a chance to see Valero. He can't fight in the USA because he was hurt in a motorcycle accident years ago and no state commission will license him. But his fight looks to be a gross mismatch.

Any other thoughts on this card? $30 isn't too bad considering what we have been getting. How do you see the Linares fight going down?

Michigan Assassin
The picture of Valero wearing an old school Milwaukee Brewers headband on the front page is awesome. Looks like someone is angling to throw out the 1st pitch for the Brew crew next season.

As far as the fights go, I don't know too much about Valero's opponent but I don't feel they'd put in too live of a body when they want to introduced him on US tv with his normal explosive performance.

I forgot to order and Tivo this one so someone burn me a dvd.

The only thing I know about Valero is what I've seen on Youtube, but he really does seem to have zero regard for defense and his punches are wide and he's not the fastest guy at 130. I'm getting the fight tonight in spite of the fact that I totally disapprove of these types of mismatches (especially paying for them) and maybe my opinion will change. But he really looks like the kind of fighter that would get abused by a guy like JMM.

This will obviously be a savage ko. From what I've seen, a fight with Soto would seem to make a lot of sense.
Jack 1000
Round by round on our homepage. Link here:

(One thing, Ben did say that he's got bad weather where he is, as I do here. So if something goes down it is a weather related issue. Anyone else who ordered this PPV, feel free to add to the commentary.)


Linares takes Diaz out in the 8th round with a bomb of a right hand. Diaz was down for a couple mintues. Diaz also down in the 4th. Linares had his knees buckled in the first 30 seconds by a right hand....but he dominated mostly. Took rounds 6 and 7 off for a break I guess he did, not throwing much.

Vasquez Jr fought to a draw in the first fight.....I thought that was fair
Rudy Lopez loses by TKO on a cut caused by a punch. It was a close fight throughout.......edge to Lopez.

I thought Matsuda used his head to open it up more.....but of course Larry Cole has never read a rule book for referees.
Valero smokes Zavaleta , who just tried to hold and rough house in 3 rounds.

Valero looked good when he had the range to land his shots. Clean, hard shots from all angles.

He is still awesome.
The Linares KO wasy nasty I wanna see him in agianst the top 126lbers.

Valero has crazy power I know many think his skill and defense is below average but i actualy dont think it's too bad. I think valero and Pac have pretty similar styles there both southpawls, power punchers and very aggressive minded. Pac obviousley has the edge in speed but Valero is not a slow fighter. Manny overwhelms fighters with his speeed and power he isn't the most skilled fighter around either.

I think Valero is ready for Marquez, Guzman and Pac im not saying he'll beat them but he may suprise some.
I dont give Valero much of a chance against any of them.
Mean Mister Mustard
Doug over at Maxboxing always says that Valero has more than just power. He does look sharp in the gym so why doesn't he use his skills? I know that fighters can detect when a guy is unable to hurt them so they go straight for the KO. But in the Mosquera fight he just kept wailing away at his opponent and didn't use his boxing skills. I suspect he's the type of fighter that looks good hitting the bag but when he's in against a human being, his technique goes to shit. I'm pretty sure Ponce De Leon looks like Juan Manuel Marquez when he hits the pads.
I have not seen all too much of Valero so maybe I'm not qualified to say, but my opinion of him is that he is like Darchinyan - he seems like the type of guy that falls in love with his power and as a result doesn't focus on the fundamentals the way he should. Like Darchinyan I would bet that at some point he meets someone that is simply too superior in the skill department and the exceptional power is nullified, giving him his first defeat.

Valero does use his boxing skills !

He used them last night, moving around the ring. Zavaleta just ran on him every why not whack him if you can.

He brawled early with Mosquera because Mosquera was there to be hit.......he started boxing in the later rounds....didn't get hit......and wore his man down with outside power shots.

I don't think Valero is the quickest mover around the ring....but he has the legs for it. If you are open to be hit though, of course he's gonna open up on you sooner than later.
I agree Valero is not the most skilled fighter around but neither is Pacqiauo who is almost always off balance and gets hit alot aswell. Pac's has proven himself it just remains to be seen if Valero can do the same.
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