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So my friend calls me @ 4:36 am. Im asleep, I miss the call. Calls again 5:21 am. Groggy and half alseep, I mumble what the do want. He says come down to 49 Grove (club in the west village) Floyd Mayweather's throwing some party here. Would've taken me an hour to get down there, he'll be gone by then I figure. Him and his entourage left @ 10 am this morning. Now most of you probably wouldn't give a shit, but I've never met any pro boxer anad I would've loved to have met him. I'm convinced that arrogant, $$$ crap is just for the media, kinda like Tyson, but crazy in a different way.
I've met quite a few boxer's in my time and I can say for a fact, that not one of them were as they portrayed themselves to the media.

The thing here in America is that the bad guy vs the good guy encounter always sells. That conflict has sold much and will always sell. Especially in BOXING, as far back as you go in the history of boxing, there was a bad guy and a good guy in the ring. Knowing this reality, it is in the boxer's best interest to clearly be either one or the other. Financially it is the move to make!!!!!!

I wrote that to say this .............. One should never never judge any individual based on what the media, their friends, or popular opinion states. To do so would diminish your uniqueness and make you nothing but a puppet or pawn.

Meet these people in person first then formulate an opinion. You owe it not only to yourself, but to the indivual as well.

I've never met floyd, but a close friend of mine has. And he was quite impressed with the person he met.

Yea...its so NEVER know who's who. Of the guys I met I was dissapointed by how cheap, arrogant and just an all around prick Oscar is. Barrera and Morales are both jerks too. Margarito is without a doubt the most down to earth athlete I've ever met. If any of you guys have ever gone out west to a major fight card he's always at the pressers and the weigh-in...very very approachable...granted of course you speak Spanish.
I had the chance to meet Floyd at the De la Hoya vs. Trinidad fight. He was very calm and curtious. That was over seven years ago and a lot can change in that amount of time. The way I see him act now does get annoying but most of it could just be to generate publicity.

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