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Full Version: Matsuda-Lopez Changed to "No Contest"
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Jack 1000
Here is the story:

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Jack 1000
QUOTE(Method @ Dec 18 2007, 03:15 PM) [snapback]371122[/snapback]

It was one of the bouts on the PPV Cancun "Night of Champions" from last weekend. This bout was the second time they fought. I had not heard of these fighters either. But the circumstances were interesting.

It was the second to last fight of the night...right before the Valero fight...a rematch from their first fight where Matsuda knocked him out.

Anyway, Matsuda was losing on the scorecards when, in the 5th round, he landed a right hand that busted open a cut over Lopez's left eye. Lopez was able to continue and was still getting the better of Matsuda in the fight. Matsuda would occassionaly land that right hand though and continue to work on opening up the cut. After three more rounds of action, the doctor decided that the cut was too bad for Lopez to continue and, because the cut came from a punch, Matsuda was declared the winner by TKO.
They did say during the telecast though that they would review the fight to see if Matsuda was trying to open the cut with his head on purpose.
Suliaman has been covering up for Mexican fighters for how many decades now ?

I know Matsuda cut Lopez with a punch....I know it was bad enough for the fight to maybe be stopped the round before. I know Matsuda did use his head in a rough way the final round before the fight was stopped.

Don't ask me what the right call should be. I can see both sides.
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