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Full Version: Just watched Alpha Dog the other night
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There may have been a thread on this when this first came out in theaters. Not sure.

But I thought the movie was really good. It was a bit disturbing knowing it was based on real events. But I was surprised to see Fernando Vargas in there. I had no idea before I saw it. And I was expecting a poor performance from Timberlake, but I was impressed. Started watching it cause I couldn't fall asleep one night. Was switchin through and was about to turn it till I saw Vargas' chubby ass. Then I got drawn in. Pretty good. Probably because I was expecting crap.

Bill The Butcher
Yeah, I liked it. I was surprised to see Vargas speak so many dialogue lines or be in that many scenes. I didn't think he would have that big of a part. I also thought Timberlake did a pretty good job acting in it.
I saw it on cable the other was alright, but HIGHLY made me feel shame for being white.

Dumbass wannabe rich white thugs too stupid too figure out shit for their best interests.....every single male or female in that movie was stupid as owl shit!

Vargas sounded like a genius next to them....
Bill The Butcher
Hahaha. I know what you mean. I couldn't believe how "wannabe" they were.

The kid that actually did the murders is a piece of shit. I'm not sure the actor's name who played that part, but he did a good job.
Good movie, thought it was going to be shit, didnt want to see it beacause Timberlake was in it, but he did a hell of a job, is a damn shame that it was a true story....really sad actually
Watched it a few nights ago.

Thought it was really good. Timberlake did do a pretty good job and the build up to the murder was good. It was horrible to watch.

I shouted out, 'Look, it's Vargas!' when he first came on. It was greeted with silence from my girlfriend who has no idea who he is, lol.
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