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Full Version: Roy Jones taunts Terrence Tunney
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The flamboyant Roy Jones from Pensacola, FL taunted the new LHW champion in the post fight interview. "Tunney ain't shit. He got knocked out by Oxy-Con-Mon. I'll bust his ass up. WASSUP PENSACOLA! P4P # 1 BABY!"
Lets get it on..Jones-Tunney!
Nah man, Tunney wants an easy defense first. The world title organization is losing its credibility as long as it doesnt give Tunney that defense biggrin.gif

Jones aint no mandatory right now!

Terrence himself is not allowed to talk to the press right now because we cant afford him to lose his focus like he did in the past. But he, his team and our promoting team have decided there are two possible opponents for our first defense.

If he is willing to step up, Judahs man Gerald "G-Man" McClellan will get his shot against Tunney on Sunday. Otherwise Tunney wants to defend his belt against no one else than Mike "Money B" Campbell from the Diabolical gym on Sunday.
QUOTE(Blayde @ Dec 25 2007, 12:45 PM) [snapback]372175[/snapback]
Nah man, Tunney wants an easy defense first. The ABC title organization has no credibility.

I have to agree. The Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion Of The World Richard "Dick" Butkiss finds the 175 lb. division hilarious recently with all the things happening in the division.
Interesting how Butkiss keeps calling himself the Undisputed Champion not having defended that status for a long time now. He cant be the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion forever. The time will come he will either live with the fact that theres a new hero in the division OR he will step up and face dangerous Tunney.

How about that:
Tunney makes 1 or 2, maybe 3 easy title defenses. At the same time Butkiss makes his comeback against Roy Jones who is back at 175 as it seems and the winner of that bout faces Tunney for the UNDISPUTED Light Heavyweight Championship of the world!
Butkiss can be called the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion until he fights in a new weight class or is retirement for a little while longer, in any case he will just be the Linear Light Heavyweight World Champion. Until then however, he is the UNDISPUTED Light Heavyweight Champion Of The World, because no one takes Terrence Tunney as the current ABC Light Heavyweight Champion seriously laugh.gif

Oxy-Con-Mon KO 1 laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
You should never pick an opponent because youve got emotionally involved, but shit, lets do this:

On Sunday, December 30th... Terrecen "Ten-Count" Tunney will defend his ABC??? Light Heavyweight Championship against..........


Lets to it! Terrence is willing to avenge his loss. This is a mega fight! Do or die! Tunney wants to knock him out in 1 round!
mega fight laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

but question this, even though oxy con mon winning again is incredibly doubtful, but just humor everyone....

what if.......

what if, Oxy Con Mon knocks him out again and becomes ABC Light Heavyweight Champion??? laugh.gif laugh.gif
Not gonna happen!

Although Tunney doesnt want to run away until Oxy is tired. Tunney wants to go toe to toe and make Oxy fall down on the canvas because of a punch.
Does Tunney really want to bang it out with Oxy Con Mon?

Tunney would lose even more credibility if he says he wants to bang it out with Oxy Con Mon right away and then just runs around the ring for a while waiting for fatigue.
No, seriously Tunney is not going to run if the rematch happens. He probably wont go allout although thats a possibility but he wants to get Oxy out of their because he has landed a good shot.

"I find it laughable that bum ass Tunney wants to defend his title against the midget that knocked his ass duckin' me homeboy, you duckin' me! You gonna have to defend yo' belt against the ONE AND ONLY, PENSACOLAS OWN ROY JONES JR after you get past this mandatory defense!"
Oxy Con Mon has a fight on Friday.

Gerald McClellan is up for the task.

After that, let Tunney get KO'ed vs. Jones.

It's time for Roy to become champ.

Check out his page. He wants Tunney.
Oxy could have fought after only 1 free day, couldnt he, Cyrus? wink.gif

But ok, Tunney will beat McClellan with ease and then take on Roy Jones.

At the Chop gym Jones always was number 2 behind Ghusson. Tunney beat Ghusson, he will beat Roy Jones, too.
Jones is a new & improved fighter with his new trainer the LORD JUDAH. He will KO Tunney.
Looks like Tunney is really a big name. This thread has 15 replies now. And Roy is gonna get his ass kicked. He lost to Deep Freeze and I have all my trust in him that he can handle Jones equally.
Tunney ducked Oxy Con Mon
Tunney called out Oxy-Con Mon! But he never got an answer, Oxy seems to be scared!
tomato cans can't talk. You should know they accept all fights as is.
Roy Jones speaks, DISSES Maxy Deep Freeze Gawn and Terrence Tunney

"These guys are bitches...I'll bust they asses up if they ever grow the balls to fight me. Deep Freeze got me before but I am more experienced now and working with Judah."
Jones was highly unimpressed with Tunney. Jones has said that if he losses to a bum like Tunney he will retire.
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