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Full Version: Zab Judah thinking retirement...
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The beloved dark lord, Zab Judah, who has been here since the very beginning is thinking retirement but he has said that he wants these fights.

Freddy McPheerson: Judah wants a rematch for this embarrassing loss. This was a bad night..Judah apparently came into the fight doped up....laugh.gif

Miguel Cotto: Judah has tremendous respect for Miguel Cotto after their last fight and wants to go to war one more time.

Tera Patrick: Judah says he can knock Patrick out. He claims he is all wrong for Patrick.

Cyrus "Running Man" ViruS (trained under Cyrus): Probably the famous rivarly Judah has ever been in. This will most likely be Judah's last fight.

Judah has had a pretty great career. He has told the press that when he retires, he will create a new gym just for him where he will train up and coming talent and will still be the head promoter of WeBL.

He also hinted that one his brothers, Zabman Judah, will make his debut in the future.

The Zab Judah Farewell Retirement Tour.

36 Chambers will be happy to participate in this.
Zab will put performances you will never forget against all these guys.

You heard it here first.

Judah-McPheerson II is on!
Oh yeah it's on...and Mcpheerson will prove he does indeed have Judah's number.

I will give Judah ALMIGHTY props if he beats my boy next week....
Zab wants to close out his career with a bang.

These fights are all high profile fights vs. former/current champions and P4Pers.

Zab will be remembered as an absolute legend when his career is done.

Win or lose, he is coming to hurt each and everyone of you.
And Blayde, just so you know, Judah is also open to a Yuriorkis Gamboa fight at 140...laugh.gif
Ya, Gamboa is considering it. Hes still more interested in a Gorres fight though wink.gif Couldnt Judah come back down to 135 though?

Collazo would also be willing to take on Judah for his welterweight title. Plus he maybe will think about coming down to 140 for this one fight if Judah is interested.

By the way G, your avatar has been quite an inspiration biggrin.gif

All Judah fights will be at Luis will have to move down. Judah is definitely fighting those 4....He will fight up to 6 fights max. Collazo and Manchez (to avenge an early KO defeat).

So if Collazo wants to get KOed, he must move down.

Judah is the biggest payday for anyone....
Yeah, Judah definitely is a big payday. Collazo would probably not get more money than he got kicking Skye's ass but Judah helps becoming a big name. So Collazo is definitely thinking about it.
Zab Judah has signed his younger brother, Miguel Angel Judah, who fights exactly like Judah and has the same attributes as Zab Judah when HE was starting.
Damn....Zab gave a bad beating to McPheerson.
The Pikey still wants Zab at 126!!!!

Like Zab said before, he has no intentions of knocking out a 4'10 106 pound midget. What would Zab get out of knocking out the Pikey? Zab will close out his career the way he said he would. Cotto or Running Man is next.
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