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Full Version: Bernard Hopkins - Beyond The Glory
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no doubt BG! have you seen this one? duran
BigGeorge, you always do a good job on the videos..
Yup caneman I've seen that one before...Duran is definitely one of the GOATS...a beast. The Davey Moore beatdown was brutal.

MarzB, thanks bro, but I didn't upload these...I just happen to find them on youtube.

one thing for could spend your sunday doing worst things than spending 80 minutes watching BTG with duran & BHop! rolleyes.gif
Only Beyond The Glory that didn't need a narrator. This cat just rambled for a half an hour. Vintage.
I can't remember if it was a BTG or just a prefight segment, but I think BHop's BTG had a segment where he goes back to prison and sees the mural of himself in the gym. Every time I see things like that it amazes me that I'm living on the same planet with guys like Bernard because our experiences are so incredibly different. I can't think of anything more real than being the baddest man in prison.

This trend of doing deeper background stories on the fighters (24/7, The Contender, BTG ect.) is probably the most important thing that's happened to boxing since Tyson.
Y. It was BTG. Hopkins, in the previous scene of the segment, was giving a public speaking engagment, and talking about how crying was a sign of weakness...or crying in prison, etc. Then the next scene cuts to him walking into the prison gym or yard, and he sees that giant mural of himself...and he sits there staring at it....and there was a couple of tears running down his which he jokes, "yeah, and here I am talking about not cryin".
Hopkins viewing the painting is in the 3rd link. Hopkins is my idol for the fact he worked hard as hell to get where he is at and keeps himself in excellent physical condition. Thats why he is still going stong at 43. You gotta be a special guy to go from ex-convict thug to boxing legend. Hopefully he closes out his career with the executions of Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Jr.
and the NEW
Havent seen this one yet, but will check it out when I get time. Thx.

BigG, sorry bro, but BHOP is being executed when he faces Joe!

Also, I dont know if its the shape BHOP has always kept himself in that has allowed him to box until this time, I think its more that he is technically brilliant and adapted very very well. Its his style and skill now that is allowing him to do it.

Same as Big George Foreman, it was more his strength and power that kept him fighting well into his older years, not his condition. Just a good combination of factors that enabled it.

Definately takes a very special man to do it and whilst I dont like BHOP personally, I respect what he has acheived at a very old age! An inspiration to all ageing sportsmen and all those fat middle aged men out there!
Damn. Even I got a bit choked up when I saw Bernard looking at the mural.

Bernard is a guy you either love or hate for the most part. I wanted to hate him after the Trinidad fight, but I couldn't. The Puerto Rican flag issue was the main reason behind it, not so much that he beat Tito because what happens in the ring stays in the ring. But the guy apologized and made a HUGE fan out of me when he knocked Oscar out with a bodyshot(Even if Oscar did take a dive).

I still think he ducked Roy Jones and Joe Calzaghe back in 2002 but at the same time he made much more fighting Oscar in 2004. And having fought the likes of Jermain Taylor, Winky Wright and Antonio Tarver(Rooted for him here even more than I did when he fought Oscar) should erase any doubts about the man wanting to fight the best.

All that said, I can't see him coming out with a W over Calzaghe. Joe will outspeed him and decision him clearly in a good fight.
Watching the KEssler fight...I dont see why everyone thinks this is such an easy fight for Calzaghe. He has never met anyone in Hopkins' class.
^^^Well Hopkins is an easy fight for NOBODY so I can't totally count him out. I've done that before and found myself laughing wondering how he did it.

However, I look at Hopkins' fight against Winky Wright and I just feel that he's slowed down noticeably. Hops doesn't pull the trigger as quickly as he used to, and his legs are all but gone. Those are the 2 main reasons I see Calzaghe coming out victorious. Not because he beat Kessler because I knew he would beat Kessler. We can't take anything from the Kessler fight because although Mikkel is a good technical boxer, he's pretty orthodox and works in straight lines. Hopkins works in angles and brings a new look for Joe. But I dare say that Hopkins has not fought anyone like Calzaghe since he fought a young Roy Jones that didn't quite hit his own peak yet.

I think the difference here is Joe's jab, hand speed, and movement. He'll force a fast pace and he won't let Hopkins rest. I think Bernard will have alot of trouble finding the target consistently and I feel that he won't dish out enough punishment to win. He'll avoid enough of Joe's hands to not take a bad beating, but he'll be outspeeded for the most part and the sheer pace of Calzaghe will make him feel his 43 years.
and the NEW
Just watched it, was a good documentary!

Thx BigG!

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