Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn and Wexley "The Power" Gawn are predicting a very bright future at their gym and claqim they have several prospects who could one day be world champions if they are matched right and aren't rushed.

Wexley spoke about some of the prospects.

"Homicide" Henry Hank (8/0/1) 4 KO's
"We have high hopes for this kid. He needs to be matched carefully and can't be rushed. We think he can be champ one day."
Jowett Pipes (13/1/0) 1 KO
"Jowett reminds me of myself. He's still raw but he can accomplish a lot. I know he can one day be champ."
Light Welterweight
Smooth Eddie Chaplin (14/1/0) 3 KO's
"He came from Krumbsnatcher....he's a definite future champion. We are all certain of that"
Ray De Los Santos (8/0/0) 2 KO's
"Still learning his trade. He needs to move slowly to fulfill his potential. He's got bags of it."
Super Flyweight
"Howlin'" Johnnie Robinson (10/1/0) 3 KO's
"Has done great so far. Now its time to take him to the next level."
Junior Flyweight
Alexander "The Artist" Elliot (10/1/0) 4 KO's
"Has the ability to do some great things."