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Full Version: Travis Simms has cleaned out Super Welterweight
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At super welterweight "Tremendous" Travis Simms (23-1-2) who is on a 16 fight winning streak including 16 title fights and is universally recognized as a top 3 fighter pound for pound has absolutely cleaned out the 154 pound division.

When he started his career, he seemed to be one of the best talents we had in our gym. We lost our believe in him a little when he struggled against journeyman "Bugsy" Long Gawn though and when he got knocked out being way down on the scorecards against Super. He always claimed these fights simply came at the wrong time for him because he was dealing with weight issues. If you check out his record now, you will probably realize that he was right.

After Super had moved up to 160 the super welterweight division was really bad, probably the weakest division in the sport at that time. Simms did not really qualify for a title bout, he just had fought to a draw against Bugsy. But because there was no one else he got his shot and he became champion starting a terrific title run. At first his only good win was his first defense against Otto Blatty who back then was very green though.

Then finally he got the big fight. Tariq Wheeler Jr. had moved up after losing his welterweight title and Simms beat him clearly. After that he beat Brittney Skye, another former dominant champion at 147, clearly twice. It were an MD and a SD, but two judges had him ahead by several points. Since then his easiest defenses were against Ikeke, the fighter who fought to a draw against Wexley at 160, and Ginal Lynn. Both of them are solid contenders. Plus he had 3 very tough fights against Super, the man who had knocked him out before, but he came out victorious in all of these bouts. Super definitely proved he was not past it and Simms again was very close to a loss, but in the third fight he showed a great performance and won without any controversial. Super retired and Simms took on Wheeler again in his next fight. The result: A brilliant shutout victory over the former champion who had previously beaten top super welterweight prospect Lights Out. Still Wheeler got another shot a week later but he didnt seem to believe he could have a chance, he did not even throw 100 punches the entire fight what of course led to another 120-108 victory for the tremendous one.

Now unfortunately Travis Simms did not get a fight past Sunday. He also wont get the chance to defend his title on Wednesday. So hes asking for a defense come Sunday. On this day Lights Out and Wheeler will fight again in a rematch. Simms thinks Lights Out posesses all the tools needed to beat Wheeler. He thinks Lights Out could still be undefeated and Lights Out may become the new dominator after Super and him. So this is the fights Simms wants before retiring: Travis Simms vs. Lights Out

Give Simms one easy defense on Sunday. If Lights Out doesnt feel hes ready after that, give Simms another easy defense and then they eventually can make the next mega fight at 154. If Simms loses, he will definitely retire. If he wins, he will probably give Lights Out a rematch before retiring.

I dont know why I wrote so much, I only wanted to ask for a title defense for Simms come Sunday biggrin.gif But its ok, Simms will need a career review anyway when he wants to become a hall of famer. And his career is coming to an end now. Hes already 36.
Good read. While Simms waits to see if Lights Out can put himself into position for a title shot, how about Simms-Super V ! Still a big money fight and a challenging fight. It gives Simms something to do.
I dont know man. What would that be for? Simms is 3-1 against Super. Its not 2-2. And lets say the unbelievable happens and Super becomes champion. What would be next in that case? Lights Out vs. Super with someone getting knocked out in round 1?

Im not sure if Simms vs. Super would be such a good thing huh.gif
It would be Super-Simms VI then.

Lights Out and Super won't ever get it on.

What if Lights Out loses to Wheeler Jr. again? Shit is screwed anyway.

As far as Simms being 3-1 on Super. It's not like the fights were wipe outs.
Ok, if Lights Out loses again what I dont think will happen, Simms will take on Super again. But if Lights Out wins, Simms will prefer fighting him. Of course its Lights Out decision. If he doesnt want it with Simms because hes scared, Simms will have no choice but to fight Super again. OR maybe he will try to become middleweight champion of the world.
Lights Out isn't scared. He still has to finish up with Wheeler Jr.

Question is, does Simms want Lights Out after Wheeler?

Or does Simms wants Lights Out at 18/18 status?
Doesnt matter, its Lights Outs choice. 16, 17, 18, Simms can wait for him. But because we all dont want to risk that fight, Simms vs. Super should NOT happen before...
Ok, If Lights Out gets past Wheeler Jr. then both Lights Out and Simms can have tune ups until Lights Out is 18/18 which would be 2 weeks so Simms-Lights Out can be 3 weeks from now.

And regardless of Simms next moves after that, how bout his last fight is against Super for old times sake.
Ok, lets to it like this. After Simms vs. Lights Out no matter who the champion is it will be Simms vs. Super for a very last time smile.gif
Cyrus, get Super out of retirement for some easy tune ups.
There are a couple of guys on the come up.

AZ (12-1-0)

Terry Norris (10-2-3)
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