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I just thought maybe we could present some of our prospects here. Because they never appear in big fights the young guns are often overlooked until they get one. So who are they? The fighters who might become someone special, who should not get unwinnable fights and who need to be kept busy?

At Heavyweight Im trying to build The Prince (2-0-0) and VALUEV (1-1-0) up. But shit, there so many new giants right now, its difficult. VALUEV just got screwed against Bernard "The Bitch Pleaser" Phelps's from the Krumbsnatcher gym thumbsdown_anim.gif

At Cruiserweight Jean-Marc Mormeck (5-1) has already lost to BigJuicyHogs Justin "Homerun" Crooks, but still he may be a future champion.

At 175 Lucian Bute (8-0-1) is on his way to the top, but he might move back down to 168.

At 168 there are Chad Dawson (4-0-0) and Joe Calzaghe (0-0-0) who seem to be my two best prospects right now.

At 160 TJ Simms (7-1) who got his fight against Nasty Nas too soon plus CIMA (5-1) and Jeff Lacy (3-0).

At 147 Austin Aries (3-0) is looking good. At 140 there are Ngoudjo (7-1), Kelson Pinto (4-0) and Junior Witter (2-1).

At 135 The Punisher (6-0) has started his career pretty well but has been inactive for quite some time now.

At 130 Vitali Tajbert (1-1) already lost to a twig.

And in the lower weight divisions:
122: Cordoba (4-0), Melendez (3-0)
118: Diaz (7-1), Awesome (6-0)
109: Blayde Jr. (3-0), Ricardo Cotto (0-0)
106: Miguel Torres (3-0)
Anakin Skywalker....a KID...fighting at SW. 2-0-0, 1 KO.

Darth Maul at JWW...5-0-0, 3KO's

Gerald McClellan...5-2-0, 5 KO's
I have a bunch of decent prospects and a couple of really good ones.
Jeremy "The Hammer" Mulder is a 6-0 super welter.
James "The Rock" Aiello is a 6-0 super middle with a bout scheduled against a former world champ.
At Heavyweight, Aaron "Death" Coile is 6-0.
Also I have a very good contender that I got from Jusah Promotions, Carlos Quintana, an 11-0 lightweight who is on the world title path.
I haven't really got anyone coming through at Krumbsnatcher apart from Harold "The Hoodlum" Grant (16/1/0) but he's more of a contender now. Tony Palomino (8/1/1) at light welter might do something. Light heavyweight Maxy "Liquid Shadow" Gawn (2/0/0) needs to be moved along very slowly and very carefully if he is to achieve anything. Other than that its looking pretty bleak.

Deep Freeze/The Power have several good prospects however.

Heavyweight - "Homicide" Henry Hank (8/0/1) 4 KO's
Heavyweight - Jaron Jasper (8/2/0) 3 KO's
Super Middle - Josh "Thin Air" Baer (10/3/0) 0 KO's
Super Middle - Zacheverall Thorburn (9/1/0) 2 KO's
Middleweight - Jowett Pipes (13/1/0) 1 KO
Middleweight - Charlie "Pinky" Nehemiah (8/1/2) 1 KO
Middleweight - Little Daddy Fame (7/1/0) 1 KO
Middleweight - Apollo "Funkee Chile" Wild (5/0/0) 1 KO
Light Welter - Smooth Eddie Chaplin (14/1/1) 3 KO's
Lightweight - Muckles Reilly (8/0/0) 1 KO
Lightweight - Ray De los Santos (8/0/0) 2 KO's
S Bantam - 'Extravagant' Errol Flynn (8/1/0) 0 KO's
Bantam - Emory Cabana (6/0/2) 1 KO
Super Fly - "Howlin'" Johnnie Robinson (10/1/0) 3 KO's
Junior Fly - Alexander "The Artist" Elliot (10/1/0) 4 KO's
36 Chambers Of Death

Heavyweight : Buster Douglas (7-2-0 7KOs)

Jr. Middleweight : CyruS "Lights Out" ViruS (15-2-1 9KOs) & CyruS "American Gangster" ViruS (1-0-0 1KO)

Jr. Welterweight : Jimmy Jack Judah (16-0-0 12KOs)

Jr. Lightweight : CyruS "GoodFella" ViruS (1-0-0 1KO)

over at Only Built 4 TOS

Heavyweight : Enigma (4-0-0 1KO)

Light-Heavyweight : Kurt Angle (7-0-0 7KOs)

Middleweight : SaveUS.222 (4-0-0 0KOs)

Jr. Middleweight : Inspectah SleeP (6-1-0 4KOs)

Jr. Welterweight : Floyd Mayweather Jr. (13-1-0 7KOs) from Big G & Miguel Angel Cotto (5-0-0 4KOs)

Lightweight : Pernell Whitaker (4-0-1 1KO)

Jr. Flyweight : Earthquake (4-0-2 0KOs)
Ouch, this matchup hurts: The Prince (3-0) vs. James "The Reaper" Roper (19-9)

Ok, Alexeev beat Roper when he was 3-0, too, and the Reaper was 10-4. But come on, G, that cant become a tradition biggrin.gif
laugh.gif Sorry about that.

Let him learn from the beating.
The Prince wins it by UD! 117-111 on all three scorecards! Future heavyweight champion right there.
QUOTE(Blayde @ Dec 28 2007, 12:52 PM) [snapback]372567[/snapback]
At 175 Lucian Bute (8-0-1) is on his way to the top, but he might move back down to 168.

Ladies and gentleman, today Lucian Bute faced off with Kurt Angle (8-0-0 8KOs) in a Shobox: The new generation battle of the prospects. It was a great, competitive fight and the Romanian Canadian Lucian Bute one of my contenders came out victorious with a close, but clear UD (115-114, 115-113 twice).

Hes the future Super Middleweight Champ!
Ive still got the same hot prospects working their ways up. I also have Carlos "El Indio" Quintana who is 13-0, but is more of a contender with quality wins over Carlos Maussa and Pavel Molotov.
Kurt Angle stepped away from the gameplans that has made him successful in his young career. Angle refuses to go away and will want a rematch sometime.
Lets get the rematch as something like an eliminator in the future. That should be possible smile.gif
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