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Full Version: Dominick Guinn-Robert Hawkins
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Guinn lost again....

I guess this guy is kind of a gatekeeper/stepping stone at this point.

I thought the guy had some talent back when he KOd Michael Grant..
Not so sure he even reaches gatekeeper status anymore. Pitiful performance tonight.
QUOTE(Southeastpaw @ Dec 28 2007, 11:40 PM) [snapback]372662[/snapback]
Not so sure he even reaches gatekeeper status anymore. Pitiful performance tonight.

Who is the Biggest Bust! Guinn or Audley?
(Guinn does have a win over Audley)
I am just amazed how disappointing Guinn's career has been. What a shame. I truly believes that he has nothing else to offer fight fans, and should seriously hang them up.

Whether Guinn COULD have ever been something is sheer speculation, but I am inclined to believe that he had talent but lacked the spirit for the fight game. You can look in Guinn's eyes and tell there was never "the fire". He barely eeked by with decent talent.
The Original MrFactor
You know whats funny?? Guinn has never neen KO'd or even knocked down. I've never seen him hurt in a fight or anything. He just doesnt throw enough punches. He has poor defense. He doesnt listen to his cornerman. Kinda like Jermaine taylor. Whats in the water in Little Rock?
Guinn kinda reminds me of Ed Mahone. Anyone remember that guy. Just lazy as hell in the ring. No passion, just there.
Guinn just does not have desire, but gets chances to compete and move up all the time. He gets out there and does not even act like he cares. Terry Smith recently lost to Hawkins too, but he will argue with you until he is screaming that the scores were bullshit. That is what I like about Terry, he may not be the best but he is going to fight you to the end. He is not going to go out there like Guinn and just put his hands up.
4-6 in his last 10? Time for the guy to call it a career. Guinn will be one of those guys that finally gets knocked out by some young prospect in about the 3rd round a few years from now.

I could definately see Guinn ending up with a Terrence Davis type record at the end of his career. He had some flashes of being very good early on and then got completly complacent. He will be a decent name on some prospects resume. After thsi performance, I wouldnt be surprised if Solis dragged him into the ring.
Who is the Biggest Bust! Guinn or Audley?
(Guinn does have a win over Audley)

Michael Grant is a bigger bust. I was never all that impressed with Guinn...hell, I was never really all that impressed w Grant, but there was SUCH a hype machine behind Grant. When he got KTFO, it was hilarious.
I thought Grant had a little more potential than we ever saw... not much, but I think if he had stayed away from Lewis for another 2 years or so he probably would have beaten a few name fighters during that time, probably a top 10 guy or two. Despite the win, the Golota fight was pretty tough on him and I think he should have taken an easier fight rather than Lewis.
this guy is just garbage....horrible performance the other night.....I said it all along...this guy was a complete SCRUB and wouldnt ever be anything special

he might have the physical skills perhaps..maybe...but for sure he doesnt have the heart to be boxing thumbsdown_anim.gif
It's over for Guinn. The man just didn't have the heart/head for the demands of the fight game. Shame, still I think Michael Grant was the bigger bust.
Guinn, Grant, Harrison...none of them ever looked liked world beaters so it's no surprise that all 3 have failed to do anything at all at the highest level.
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