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Full Version: Battlestar Galactica
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The Original MrFactor
Fells... I grew up on the 80's BSG. I said Fuck You when they talked about re inventing the series. They need to bring back the old series, was my cry...

Well... I went to Blockbuster to rent Rush Hour 3 and it was all out... So I said, I'll take a chance on the first couple of episodes of this New BSG shiznit...

To my MF'n surprise... that shit is oof the chillznain... Mad sex and lots of fine ass hoes... I still cant get past the fact that Starbuck and Boomer are women, but they're growing on me... If you havent checked this out. Go to your local blockbuster and rent it. If you loved the original... i'll make an analogy. this new BSG is to the old what the 1960's Batman TV Show is the the Christian Bale Dark Knight.... Its fuckin that good... Damns shame that they'll only do 4 seasons...
No shit, I watched the entire first season but havent been able to keep up since. I thought it was the best show on television. It is dark as fuck compared to the original BSG. I really need to netflix season 2.
When I first heard about the cylons being female hot chicks and shit....I thought it would suck huge pant load....BUT a good friend of mine actually forced me to set and watch an had to do with one cylon in particluar called Scar....

I have to say, it was much better than I thought. Now that I know it's about to be ASSOUT.....I'll just wait for a nice box set to come out and watch the whole run.
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