Z Gorres (28-1-1) vs. Cyrus "Here We Go" Virus (26-3-2):

The newly crowed BW champion, Z Gorres, will finally get it on with the legendary "Here We Go". The press asked Gorres his thoughts on this and Gorres had this to say.

"I've always said I wanted the legendary status. I might be a HOFer according to some people but to me I must beat Here We Go to be a legend. "Here We Go" was something like my idol. I looked up to him and I still do. It's an honor to finally fight him. He was a legend already when I was just a young fighter on the come up..looking to make a name for myself. I took some punishment in my last fight but I had suck it up and pull it off. Now it's time for the biggest test of my career. I am confident I will win because I am still in my prime. I have already began training and I'm looking to defeat Here We Go...I'll be ready to go 12 but I'll come to break him down. This will be a legendary fight...alot of other fighters will be in attendance to view this fight and study it because of the ammount of skill involved. It promises to be a classic."

Z Gorres Career Highlights:

LMD 12 AJ Banal: Only loss.
WUD 12 Frankie Skipton: Gives up and comer at the time Skipton a boxing lesson.
KO 1 Andrei Sokolnikov: Wins the Jnr. Flyweight Title. Andrei was never the same after this fight.
WUD 12 Nonito Donaire: Gives up and comer Donaire a boxing lesson.
WUD 12 AJ Banal: Shuts out Banal to avenge only loss.
D 12 Fernando Montiel: Close fight. 2 HOFers.
WUD 12 Reynaldo Bautista: Wins the Flyweight Title: Gives the champ a boxing lesson.
WUD 12 Mark Johnson: Punishes the dangerous Johnson with ease.
KO 9 Anxious Alan: Easily beats down the very good former champ Anxious Alan.
WUD 12 Thomas Hayes: Gives Hayes a boxing lesson for the Super-Flyweight Title.
KO 2 Reggie Hope: Destroy's former Junior Lightweight champ.
WUD 12 Cristian Mijares: Shuts out good contender.
KO 1 Maxy Supreme: Destroys excellent cotender.
TKO 8 Roger Mayweather: Stops 3 division champ in 8.
WUD 12 CyruS "No Fear" ViruS: Proves to be too much for the old HOF vet.
WUD 12 Frankie Skipton: Once again gives Skipton a boxing lesson.
WUD 12 Jhonnie Robinson: Beats Robinson by close decision. Robinsons only loss. Toughest fight of Gorres career.
WUD 12 Kindred Cole: Gives Cole a boxing lesson.
TKO 10 Roger Mayweather: Wins BW Title in a brutal fight.

Here We Go Career Highlights:

KO 11 Latvian Fighting Snake: Wins Super-Flyweight Title.
WUD 12 vs "King" Leonardo E. Christopholis III: Wins Flyweight Title.
KO 6 "King" Leonardo E. Christopholis III: Decimates Leonardo in rematch.
KO 8 Isiah Grove: Destorys very good contender.
KO 11: Fernando Montiel: KO's a legend. Only fighter to KO Montiel.
WUD 12 Juan Herrera: Beats Herrera who would go on to become champion.
D 12 Kindred Cole: Draw.
KO 9 Kindred Cole: KO's Cole in the rematch..takes care of business.
WUD 12 Fernando Montiel: Wins a close decision but very clear.
KO 4 Nonito Donaire: Takes care of business against a P4P type fighter.
LUD 12 Leon Green: Losses in a close decision.
D 12 Leon Green: Draw.
SD 12 Leon Green: Edges Green to win the title again.
KO 11 Ricardo Reyes: Beats down a very good contender.
L UD 12, LMD 12 Nick Otieno: Gets upset again.
WUD 12 Nick Otieno: Takes care of business. Hurts Otiento several times.

Will the younger, vicious, high skilled Gorres beat the Legendary HWG? Or will HWG prevail?