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Full Version: Legendary Heavyweight Champion Lanky Gawn comes out of retirement to fight
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It's official.

Mike just had this to say "Win or lose, I'm coming to fuck you up."

this weekend is going to be very action packed.

Dipsy-Holmes III ?

I'm sure a few others can be made.
Word on the street is Zab Judah might fight Collazo...
I guess we can this SuperFight Weekend II laugh.gif
Alot of huge fights coming up.

Tyson KO 8 Lanky. I've always thought Tyson was the right guy to stop Lanky. Tyson is vicious.
Ok, Collazo will move down to 140 immediately after his defense on Wednesday. Only if he wins of course. Hopefully that auto scheduler wont fuck it up by giving Zab another fight ... Maybe Zab should retire until Wednesday?

And Ive got to agree. Tyson might be the one to beat Lanky. Its 50:50
Lanky Maxy Gawn

"I'm havin' this fight because Mike and his people agreed to a tiny demand I made. I look forward to boxing a 'live' opponent and it should be an exciting fight."
Dipsy-Holmes III simply HAS to take place this coming Sunday!
Dipsy-Holmes III is still under discussion

Judah-Collazo? The fight fans want that.
Weigh in results:

Mike Tyson weighed in at a solid 211 pounds. Lanky Gawn weighed in at 244 pounds. The staredown showed Tyson looking up at Gawn and giving him slit-throat gesture. Gawn has unleashed the beast in Tyson.

This is the webl Tyson-Lewis.
Lanky Gawn looked old and tired in this fight even though he clearly got the win.

I don't think there is any point in him carrying on but I'll probably make him resurface again from time to some sorta circus act.

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