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"Fresh of his huge victory over Freddy McPheerson, Judah returned home to Brooklyn, and was given a heroes welcome. The crowd cheered "One more time! One more time!" for Judah to get another crack at the belt and his 2 rivals Cotto and Running Man."

Judah in an interview was asked who he wanted. Judah replied "Who ever the fans want!". Alot of the fans shouted for Collazo, Judah's brooklyn native and the Welterweight champion.

When asked if he would ever fight Collazo in what would be a huge money fight, Judah simply grabbed the mic and said, "If Collazo wants it, he can get it, BK STYLE BABY! Crooklyn in tha house yo..Luis knows who da KING in brooklyn is!"

EDIT: Zab Judah vs. Luis Collazo is official signed
Interesting fight. I didn't know Collazo could even make 140 again.
Collazo has been preparing for that move over the last several weeks. Hes ready for this mega fight!

Collazo: "I like Zab, hes a great fighter. But Luis Collazo is the most underrated fighter in the boxing world. Im a P4P fighter. And this is a great fighter. Zab always makes for an exciting fight and I will do that, too. Im gonna show the world that Im the best fighter at 140 and 147. Ive cleaned out 147, so here I am back at 140.
And Miguel Cotto, after I have taken care of Judah, I want you next. The last time we fought I fought the wrong fight. But Ive proven I can avenge losses."
Judah-Collazo is officially signed for Sunday.
As you know, Cotto ducks no one however. He has somewhat of a long list of fighters to get through before Collazo can get up next. However, we will see if Collazo can be squeezed in somewhere.
Judah-Cotto III after Judah knocks Collazo out.
Hmmm...I'm thinking Luis is gonna be a hard to beat. But I doubt he's gonna be able to stand up to the early round assault. Judah's speed/power is something dangerous..ESPECIALLY early. Judah will be applying constant pressure througout and will eventually stop him. Judah's conditioning has improved tremendously.
Not a single vote for Judah besides mine?

2 votes for Collazo already?

You bitches need to have faith in Zab Judah

He will win by KO.
2 votes for Zab? ohmy.gif

Welterweight Champion Luis Collazo has just moved down to 140, we can get it on now smile.gif
Yesterday morning, the blinged out Judah woke up, stepped into his office..and in his office, he had money and cocaine on his table. Judah got phone call from the media. The media asked Judah how he would approach Collazo in the ring. Judah said "CROOKLYN STYYYYYYYYYLLLEEE! LUIS COLLAZO know who da king of NEW YORK is! It aint, no.....It aint Paulie....that would be ZAB JUDAH..knowmsayin!!!!!!!!!! ima rob Collazo after I knock him! Ima rob him and take his chain! I keep it gangsta!"

Judah is sparring guys 2 divisions bigger and is knocking them out. He is absolutely serious for this fight. He just KOed Nasty Nas in 1.

Judah apparently has no respect for Collazo and the moment he sees him in the press conference he will be up in his face. "I aint scurred of no one!" said the blinged out Judah.

Zab Judah (21-11-0) vs. Luis Collazo (23-2-2)


Zab Judah career highlights:

LMD 12 Cyrus "Running Man" Virus: Loss pro debut vs. future 2x champion. Close fight.
LSD 12 Cyrus "Running Man" Virus (II): Losses rematch via close SD.
LUD 12 Wolfgang George Herel: Title fight.
LKO 5 Malvador Manchez: Judah heavily into crack cocaine.
LKO 4 Carlos Maussa: See above.
LKO 4 Miguel Cotto: ^.
KO 2 Jabdiel Judah: KOs the current champion, his little brother Jabdiel, in 2.
LKO 9 Mike Taylor: Fought stupid.
WUD 12 Mike Taylor (II): Destroys Mike Taylor in rematch.
KO 2 Mike Taylor (III): Puts on his career defining perfromance.
WUD 12 Buddy McGirt: Gives an excellent contender the worst beating of his career. Judah's life turned around at this point.
KO 1 Jabdiel Judah (II): Wins the Jnr. Weltwerweight title.
LUD 12 Cyrus "Running Man" Virus: Losses title.
KO 11 Wolfgang Georg Herel: Avenges early loss.
KO 9 DeMarcus Corley: Destroys good contender.
TKO 2 Ronald Hearns: Dominates former Weltweight champion.
LKO 8 Freddy McPheerson: Judah into substance abuse such as crack cocaine.
LKO 12 Floyd Mayweather Jr.: See above.
WUD 12 Carlos Maussa: Dominates rival in the rematch.
KO 1 Jermain Jones: Destorys good contender.
KO 7 Lucius Bell: Gives contender a terrible beating.
WUD 12 Mike Taylor (IV): Dominates Taylor again in the best performance of his career.
LKO 12 Miguel Cotto (II): Brutal war...Cotto too much in the end.
KO 1 William Joppy: Lays out top contender who beat Running Man twice.
TKO 5 Freddy McPheerson (II): Puts McPheerson to tears after punishing him.

Luis Collazo highlights:

LUD 12 Miguel Cotto: Dominated in first title fight.
D 12 Sigmund Craab: Draws with top contender.
WUD 12 Gina Lynn: Beats good contender.
WUD 12 Darden Nixon: Beats good contender.
WUD 12 Alejandro Barrios: Beats good contender.
WUD 12 Welter Skelter: Beats former champion.
WUD 12 Hermes Franca: Dominates former Junior Middleweight Champion.
KO 8 Jenaveve Jovie: Dominates good contender.
WUD 12 Freddy Jones: Beats good contender.
WUD 12 Garcia Marquez: Wins Weltweight Title.
KO 7 Malvador Manchez: Dominates former Lightweight Champion.
WUD 12 Jab Judah: Dominates one of the Judah's...good contender.
KO 11 Gina Lynn (II): KO's Lynn in rematch.
KO 12 Garcia Marquez (II): KO's Marquez in rematch.
WSD 12 Brittney Skye: Syke in a close one.
LKO 12 Brittney Skye (II): Gets KO'd. Losses title.
WSD 12 Brittney Skye (III): Beats Syke in third fight. Wins back the WW title.
D 12 Brittney Skye (IV): Draw.
WUD 12 Floyd Mayweather Jr (RIVADO's): Beats 2 dvision chamo
WUD 12 Floyd Mayweather Jr. (II) (RIVADO's) Beats 2 division champ
Its Skye, not Syke. Ive never seen you write that correctly biggrin.gif

Both men have a great record. A run at 140 would make Collazo a really great fighter!
I spelt it wrong the first time and just copy-pasted it the other times. laugh.gif

They both have a good record...difference is Collazo is getting KO'd once he tastes Judah's power.

All of BK will be watching this one.

Judah can outbox Collazo because of his speed....but he is coming to hurt Collazo BIG!

Collazo might be leaving the ring in a stretcher this sunday..

I predict that Collazo will never be the same after sunday. This will be like Hopkins-Mercado II....Collazo will not be the same fighter after his fight with Zab Judah. It will be a career-ending beatdown. He will probably be a stepping stone for younger fighters on the come Paulie Malignaggi. laugh.gif
If Collazo loses this, youre right, he wont be the same fighter afterwards. He wont even be able to look at a mirror if he gets knocked out by Judah. But its not going to happen.

Looks whos the bigger man. Collazo 5'10" or Judah 5'6"? He cant get him out of there. Collazo is too strong for little Zab. Just the fact that he likes to box does not mean he doesnt have KO power. Look at Collazos fights. KO loss against Skye was a wide open jabbing aggressively Collazo against an allout opponent. Except that he has always won the banging battles.
They've had a combined 59 fights yet only one of my boxers (Micky Stepson, now retired or boxing for a bum gym) has fought either of these two so making a pick is difficult. I've gone for Collazo. I think he'll be too smart for Judah and take a wide decision.

Collazo will be the King of New York!!!
Do not understimate Zab's speed/power/ I said before...they are in the 20's....

If Collazo doesn't respect Zab's power...he might be on the canvas. Collazo will try to counter-punch and go for Judah's body...or use the ring...but I'm saying this right now...Judah will be aggressive..
Uh yeah, Zab cant take it to the body biggrin.gif Dont be surprised if Collazo shows enough power to leave Zab absolutely exhausted on Sunday.
Zab KO 6 Collazo.

This is the biggest fight of the week for me.
Ok, who else voted for Zab?
Early KO,.....Judah,....depending on what Judah shows up.....We can never really know can we?....Its a toss up that I would proberbly not buy if it went to PPV. But, in the spirit of entertainment, both have something to prove, and nothing to lose....That always makes for a good fight....
BoxingStill#1, welcome to the forum...but this ain't the real fight were talking's the WeBL fight.

My character is the beloved Zab Judah....Blaydes character is the dominant Collazo.

But your right, Zab will get the early KO...Smart pick.

By the way,....are we so sure that Zab will beat Quintana on febuary 16th?....We will see him on the Pavlick/ Taylor undercard....
Oh okay,....ha! shows my lack of attention... Thanks for the welcome.
lol...thought it was for real...

I picked Zab btw...he's on a roll.
Can Collazo even make 140? If he cant...he might be tired/weakened and might be shook up by Zab's bombs.
Breaking News!

A fight between Zab and Collazo broke out at the weigh in! With Judah were his fellow stablemates, Paulie Malignaggi, 140 pound champion, his little brother Jabdiel, and Running Man. Judah weighed in at exactly 141 pounds and looked in tremendous physical shape. Collazo, who weighed in at 141 pounds, looked somewhat drained. Judah appeared to have the edge in physical condition. Judah from a distance, started verbally attacking Collazo with insults and claimed he would rob him if he ever caught him walking the streets. When the two fighters were called to the center for the staredown pictrues, Judah shoved Collazo and Collazo immideatly retaliated. The fighters were held back and Judah shouted "CROOKLYN STYLE!, U GETTING IT CROOKLYN STYLE!".

Judah was asked how training camp went and he said "PERFECT! Collazo aint making it to 10! Y'all just wait and see!"

The interviewe also caught up with 140 pound champ and asked him what he thought about the fight. He said "Zab gonna fuck him up." And when asked what's gonna happen in his fight with Cotto he simply said "Cotto will get outboxed. He is on the downhill...I'm in my prime. I got mad respect for Cotto. In his prime, he was one of the most vicious fighters ever. But you know, I've worked hard. I beat Floyd Mayweather Jr, Tera Patrick, and Buddy Shine. Three excellent fighters. I'm ready."

I don't know how but, Zab has promoted his way into making me think he can actually win the fight. laugh.gif
laugh.gif I'm serious, Zab's training camp was excellent. I think Jabdiel Judah is the closest thing we have to Collazo so Zab and Jabdiel have been throwing it down and Zab beat him everytime.

BTW, is Collazo vacating his WW title and staying at 140?
Judah is all mouth. He does a good job at it despite his 11 career losses. Im going to go with Collazo this one.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jan 4 2008, 10:14 PM) [snapback]373426[/snapback]
laugh.gif I'm serious, Zab's training camp was excellent. I think Jabdiel Judah is the closest thing we have to Collazo so Zab and Jabdiel have been throwing it down and Zab beat him everytime.

BTW, is Collazo vacating his WW title and staying at 140?

Not sure yet. Depends on how Collazo will look in his win over Judah. Weight will definitely not be an issue, but he hasnt decided yet where he wants to continue his career.

QUOTE(BigJuicyHog @ Jan 4 2008, 10:15 PM) [snapback]373427[/snapback]
Judah is all mouth. He does a good job at it despite his 11 career losses. Im going to go with Collazo this one.

Thats a very wise choice.

Collazo also brought company with him to the weigh-in. Cruiserweight contender Odlanier Solis (12-3-1) and unbeaten P4P fighter and Feahtherweight Champion Yuriorkis Gamboa (23-0-0) were in attendance. Both are living 6 months a year in Miami and 6 months in Germany.

Solis who has been inactive for a while because he was just too that for making the 200 pound limit, but says hes down to 220 and will fight again very soon, he made his comments about the fight and did not forget about some self promotion: "Luis is gonna hurt that mother fucker. Zab Judah is a clown. Tha entire Judah family is a joke. I know theres another Judah out there at Cruiserweight. Daniel or however you are called, Judah, Im calling you out! I will kick yo' ass!"

Gamboa: "Ive seen Luis Collazo train. Hes a great boxer and hes a great fighter. You know, we talked to each other, trained together. Hes always been very talented. But hes become even better because I told him some Cuban boxing secrets. Im absolutely confident he will beat Zab clearly. Judah will be down for sure, possibly knocked out."

Being asked what he feels about a bout between himself and Judah, Gamboa said: "I dont know, man. That would definitely be interesting and would definitely be a great fight. But moving up too 140 is a pretty big step for a Featherweight. Its probably not gonna be a topic after this Sunday though because Judah will look terrible against Luis."

What da fuck is Judah leading the poll 4:3 by the way? biggrin.gif
Judah claims Collazo will be leaving the ring in a stretcher and will be heroin addict after this fight but said "dont worry fool, maybe u'll be able to comeback after this fight like i did back in da day!"

Judah, seen walking his 2 pitbulls after the weigh in, told a reporter, "y'all will see sunday. Y'all will see. One thing for sure, im comin' 100 percent, no excuses. Collazo gon' get fucked up. im too hood for him yo...knowmsayin...its gonna be a massacre. i know how to bea luis collazo! im a huge underdog in dis fight but u know, i been a huge underdog all my life! collazo gonna get a beating BK style!"
Judah will be coming out to "Shook Ones" by Mobb Deep...

He is coming to destroy.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jan 5 2008, 05:44 PM) [snapback]373540[/snapback]
Judah will be coming out to "Shook Ones" by Mobb Deep...

He is coming to destroy.

Shook Ones is a classic. For that reason I am hoping for a Judah KO win!
Luis Collazo beats Judah by Razor sharp UD.

"In an entertaining bout, the bigger Luis Collazo beat Zab Judah in a highly competitive fight by UD. Collazo boxed smart, using his advantages wisely. However, he finished the fight slightly battered. Judah finished the fight without a mark and he proved his conditioning. Judah wasn't tried and didn't even need to rest at the end of the fight while Collazo was exhausted. Judah congratulated Luis Collazo on the win and raised his hand.."king of new york yo" Judah shouted. The two fighters hugged. Judah said that he lost to the better man. The crowd however started chanting rematch on the way"

"When Judah was asked if he'd like a rematch, he said he would have think about it but he doubts it. He has said that he wants one last fight vs. his rival running man before calling it a career. Judah also said that a Cotto fight was off...claiming he had business to attend to with young contenders named Mike Taylor who just knocked out former P4P# 1 fighter Tera Patrick in 4 brutal rounds, Jimmy Jack Judah, Tera Patrick, Eddie Chaplin, and Paulie Malignaggi."

In other news, Luis Collazo's $10,000 chain was missing from his dressing room after the fight. No one knows what happened to it, but it has apparently been stolen.


Collazo takes his hat off to Judah. He was surprised Zab could take his body work that well. In contrast to that Collazo definitely had stamina issues at the end of the fight. Thats why hes moving back up to 147 hoping for a new challenge in that division.
Who is the welterweight champ at the moment? Is it vacant?

Now that Zab has retired the league needs a new badass to talk shit and bring some interest. Big G is the man to create that fighter...he might even be out there right now....
Actually, the Zab Judah RETIREMENT tour hasn't ended yet. Yes, Judah DID announce his retirement...but rumors from inside Judah's camp that he has expressed GREAT interest in a Collazo rematch. Judah said that he retired prematurely and that he just wanted his name in the HOF thread (laugh.gif). Judah admitted that he wont stay long AND..will have 3-4 fights left before he OFFICIALLY retires. Trilogy ending fight with Maussa, Running Man, Pavel The Spy, and Collazo are the opponents.
147 tongue.gif
Blayde....judah and Collazo will rematch down the road. Judah announced his retirement too quickly...his retirement thread will be reserved for later.

He has business to take care of before he rides of into the sunset.
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