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Full Version: The Official FHWeBL Fight Of The Year 2007 VOTING Thread
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Here it is, the official voting in the FHWeBL 2007 Awards!

It is time to place your votes on the FHWeBL 2007 Fight Of The Year!

The Nominees are......

CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS vs. Richard "Dick" Butkiss - August 19, 2007 - World Light Heavyweight Championship

Newly crowned World Light Heavyweight Champion Butkiss, fresh off his knockout win over dominate World Light Heavyweight Champion Terrence "Ten Count" Tunney took on 2 Division World Champion Touch oF SleeP. TOS, an underdog going into the fight was thought to have his chin checked in this fight but if it were to go the distance he might have a good chance to win the fight. To the public who witness this contest, it was a relatively close fight early on until Butkiss started breaking down from Touch oF SleeP's counter body punching display and then what was thought to be impossible, Touch oF SleeP knocks out Butkiss in the 11th round to win the World Light Heavyweight Championship to become a 3 Division World Champion.

CyruS "Here We Go" ViruS vs. Fernando "Cochulito" Montiel I - August 19, 2007 - World Bantamweight Championship

The Original Little Man's Super Fight. Both top p4p fighters. Both were Undefeated. Both with incredible skills. A pick em battle to be sure and for 10 rounds it was until the 11th round and came and HWG's strength prevailed over Montiel's skills when HWG knocked out Montiel in the 11th round.

Reggie "The Kiss" Hope vs. Josh Joshua - July 22, 2007 - World Jr. Lightweight Championship

Reigning and defending Jr. Lightweight Champion, Reggie Hope put his title on the line against the Undefeated Josh Joshua. These 2 fighters whether they knew it or not were a match made in heaven. The opening round started off with a bang when Champion Reggie Hope dropped Joshua in the first, then in the second, hurt his man in the third, hurt his man in the fourth, dropped him in the fifth and hurt him again in the fifth! But then something happened, Joshua was still standing and won the sixth round. Joshua then won the seventh and 8th! The champions corner urged Reggie to wake up and finish Joshua, so when the 9th round started Reggie went out there and dropped Joshua with a beauty of a right hand and then dropped him again in the same round! Joshua then got up after the 2nd knockdown of the round and hurt Reggie! The 10th round saw the champion Reggie Hope get DROPPED by Joshua! The 11th round Reggie Hope won and was winning the fight by people at ringside via the score of 105-99, all he had to do was cruise in the 12th. The 12th round started and Reggie Hope wanted to close the show as a true champion would and hurt his man in the final round only to later get nailed with a vicious combination by Joshua and getting knocked out in the last and final round. One of the biggest comebacks in a fight ever.


It's time to place your votes for the 2007 FHWeBL Fight Of The Year!!
Judah-Running Man III!
I picked HWG-Montiel because of the skill involved and it was a superfight.

But Hope-Jushua in terms of action was an incredible fight.
As much as I wanted to vote for HWG-Montiel I, I just can't ignore the Gatti-Ward status for Joshua-Hope. I voted for Josh-Hope I
Gatti-Ward, exactly. It wasnt a fight between all time greats, but it was a fight for the world title and both men have been champion now. I voted Joshua-Hope I.
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