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Full Version: The Official FHWeBL Upset Of The Year 2007 VOTING Thread
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Here it is, the official voting in the FHWeBL 2007 Awards!

It is time to place your votes on the FHWeBL 2007 UPSET Of The Year!

The Nominees are......

Lanky "Maxy" Gawn W UD 12 CyruS "Iron" ViruS
The Mike Tyson of the League, the unbeatable Iron put his World Heavyweight Title against the #1 Contender, once defeated Lanky "Maxy" Gawn. What was thought by many to be a routine knockout defense of the Heavyweight Title by Iron, turned into sparring session as Lanky cruised his way to the World Heavyweight Title with a boxing lesson over at the time the most feared fighter in the league, Iron.

"Sublime" Buddy Shine W UD 12 Miguel Cotto
The Most feared fighter in the league at the time, the undefeated and dominate Jr. Welterweight World Champion Miguel Cotto put his title on the line in a routine defense. What was thought to be routine turned into boxing display as Buddy Shine boxed a beauty from the outside and used the ring effectively to win the World Jr. Welterweight Championship and giving the first loss to Miguel Cotto's career.

Junior Do Prado W UD 12 Miguel Cotto
Fresh off of losing the World Jr. Welterweight Title in an upset, Miguel Cotto stepped into the ring with the young fighter Junior Do Prado, a 6 foot 2 inch 140 lber. What was thought to be a massacre turned into another boxing nightmare for Miguel Cotto as Junior Do Prado boxed his way to very close UD and beating the once most feared fighter in the league, Miguel Cotto.

CyruS "Running Man" ViruS W UD 12 "Terrible" Tariq Wheeler Jr.
The reigning #1 Pound For Pound Fighter in the league and World Welterweight Champion Wheeler Jr. put his title on the line against the Undefeated Running Man with Running Man moving up from 140 lbs. Not much was thought about in this fight, but Running Man put on a boxing display to highlight his career by winning the
Welterweight Championship with a clear UD.

Yusaf Mack W KO 11 Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn
Super Middleweight King Pin Deep Freeze puts his title on the line against the young Undefeated Yusaf Mack. Deep Freeze, who was in the middle of the pound for pound lists was beating everyone he faced with relative boring ease, so no one thought much when he stepped into the ring with the very young and raw Mack. This fight turned into a nightmare relatively quickly for Deep Freeze as Mack when for it all in the first round! Mack hurt Deep Freeze in the first but Deep Freeze adjusted in the 2nd and was cruising his way through the fight as was usually the written script in a Deep Freeze fight, however in the 9th, Mack went for it again and hurt Deep Freeze and in the 10th dropped him. Mack, knowing he needed a knockout decided to go for broke and it paid it as he knocked out Deep Freeze with a devastating right hand in the 11th to win the World Super Middleweight Championship.

"Prince" Malik Abu-husson W KO 11 Wexley "Power" Gawn
In a rematch, Top Pound for Pound Fighter, the Undefeated Middleweight Champion Of The World Wexley put his title on the line again against Malik. In their first fight Wexley won a close MD. Most thought Wexley would win a much clearer decision, that was not in the plans as it seems. Malik went inside early on Wexley and knocked him out in the 11th round to win the World Super Middleweight Championship

CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS W UD 12 "The Easton Assassin" Larry Holmes
An underdog going into the fight, the #1 Pound for Pound Fighter in the World, the Undefeated 3 Division World Champion TOS came into the ring for his last fight ever and wanted to go out with a bang by challenging the Undefeated Heavyweight Champion Of The World. Some thought Larry Holmes would simply out boxed the much smaller man TOS to a very wide UD, however TOS who is a counterpunching master decided to switch up his style in the last fight of his career and went inside all night to the Champion and proceeded to beat up the undefeated heavyweight champion and dropped him twice in the final round to win the World Heavyweight

"Lean" Leon Greene W UD 12 CyruS "Here We Go" ViruS
Here We Go, the #2 Pound for Pound Fighter in the World put his undefeated record and Undisputed Bantamweight Titles on the line against Leon Greene, a 5 foot 11 inch Bantamweight. HWG went inside all night however, Leon Greene did not fall. Greene used his height and the ring to box his way to the Undisputed
Championship with a UD.

Mike Taylor W UD 12 Roland Navarette
Undefeated #1 Pound for Pound Fighter in the World and Jr. Welterweight Champion, Navarette put his title on the line against the #1 contender Mike Taylor. Many thought Navarette would simply win yet another fight was everyone was accustomed to however it turned it a very close fight with Taylor simply boxed outside effectively. Althought Taylor was dropped in the last round, it was not enough for Navarette. Taylor won the
fight with a very close UD.

Oxy-Con-Mon W KO 1 Terrence "Ten Count" Tunney
The Former Light Heavyweight World Champion, Tunney was making a routine tuneup against a 4 foot 10 inch 139 lber who had only won 1 fight prior in what was to be a one sided disgraceful mismatch, however, that was not the case at all. Oxy-Con-Mon went on to blitz the former World Champion in the first round and knocked out Tunney.
Oxy Con Mon KO 1 Terrance Tunney....oh the shame....Tunney was kicked out his damn gym because of that loss....this is no contest..laugh.gif
Big G has it right. No contest.
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