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Full Version: The Official FHWeBL KnockOut Of The Year 2007 VOTING Thread
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Here it is, the official voting in the FHWeBL 2007 Awards!

It is time to place your votes on the FHWeBL 2007 Knockout Of The Year!

The Nominees are......

Tera Patrick W KO 12 Miguel Cotto
Undefeated World Lightweight Champion Tera Patrick who was looking for respect & money got her big break when Miguel Cotto decided to give Patrick what she wanted. Cotto who was a career Jr. Welterweight decided to weight drain himself to the Lightweight limit to take on Patrick. It turned into a once sided fight as Patrick went on to be the only fighter ever to knock Miguel Cotto out and did in the last and final round.

Richard "Dick" Butkiss W KO 9 Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn
After weeks of trash talk which included a flight to Deep Freeze's country to talk more trash in the Super Middleweight Champions's own backyard, Butkiss talked Deep Freeze into an Undisputed Light Heavyweight Championship Match. In their first fight, Deep Freeze won his usual UD. However, now a Touch oF SleeP trained fighter, Butkiss renewed his career and was champion again but wanted to fight the linear Light Heavyweight Champion, Deep Freeze. In this rematch, Deep Freeze was winning his usual fight until the strike of lightning poured through Butkiss's fist from Zues himself and knocked Deep Freeze out in the 9th to become the first
Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion.

Roland Navarette W KO 12 Tera Patrick
In an Undefeated Super Fight, Undefeated Navarette put his World Jr. Welterweight title on the line against Undefeated 2 Division World Champion Tera Patrick. Navarette proved to much for the Patrick and ended up being the only fighter ever to knock out Patrick, which he did in the last and final round.

Josh Joshua W KO 12 Reggie "The Kiss" Hope - Fight I
Fight Of The Year 2007 Nominee. Joshua does a comeback from hell knockout on the Hope in the last round.

CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS W TKO 11 Richard "Dick" Butkiss
Fight Of The Year 2007 nominee. TOS knocked out Butkiss to win his 3rd World Title in a 3rd weight class.

CyruS "Here We Go" ViruS W KO 9 Kindred "Spirit" Cole
In their first fight, Cole fought to a draw with the undefeated HWG to give a small blemish to HWG's record. In this rematch HWG adjusted his style to show a new dimension and knocked out the bigger man in the 9th.

Brittney Skye W KO 12 Luis Collazo - Fight II
Welterweight Champion Luis Collazo put his title on the line again against former Welterweight Champion Skye. In their first fight Collazo won by split decision. Skye ended any thought of this rematch going to the judges by knocking out Collazo in the final round in a razor thin close fight.

CyruS "Slanger Jr." ViruS W KO 12 Simone Sin
Slanger Jr. who was fresh off back to back KO losses to Jesse Jane for the Featherweight Title, decided to go back down in weight to take on Undefeated Jr. Featherweight World Champion and stablemate of Jesse Jane, Simone Sin. Slanger Jr's strength ended up being too much for Sin to overcome and Slanger Jr. battered Sin and knocked Sin out in the final round to become Jr. Featherweight Champion.

Oxy-Con-Mon W KO 1 Terrence "Ten Count" Tunney
No Description Needed.


It's time to place your votes on the 2007 FHWeBL KO OF THE YEAR!
Gotta go with Butkiss come from behind KO win over Deep Freeze...
I voted for Butkiss aswell clapping.gif
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