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Full Version: Zab Judah Announces Retirement!
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In the post fight press conference...Judah announced his retirement from boxing.

Judah, in his last fight vs. P4Per Luis Collazo, put up a hell of a performance and was extremely brave that night. Judah however claimed that he doens't want to fight Cotto because Cotto has alot more challenges at 140.

The only fight Judah would come back for is a last fight with "Running Man".

Judah has been here since the very beginning and will be most remembered for his rivalries with Migue Cotto, Freddy McPheerson, Carlos Maussa, Mike Taylor, and Running Man. Zab has certainly been in plenty of great matches....

Before Judah began his career: Judah was a wild Brooklyn Street Kid, addicted to crack, and was a known theif around his block. Judah was a boxing enthusiast and decided to step in the ring as a way to make money and achieve greatness.

Life after retirement: Judah will train up and coming talent and spread his knowledge. He is still the Promoter of the league and owns Zab Judah Boxing Gym.


yes or no?
Hmmmmmm, tough pick.

Should Zab get into the Hall Of Fame for going from super bum to World Champion to show that anyone in the league can comeback and do big things? Yes.

Does Zab have the resume in wins to get in? I am not so sure. He does have several BK style beat downs to Mike Taylor, avenged some losses.

In the end, I am voting yes because Zab Judah has been here from the start and fought a lot of cats and kept coming back for more even when he lost badly. He went from super bum to Multiple time World Champion. And besides, even in the hall of fame description stuff, fighters with balls can get in laugh.gif
Zab also avenged his worst loss to McPheerson by making him cry in the rematch. That must count for something...

And also, Zab is the biggest and most boastfull trash talker in the history of the league....somewhat delutional..but he was beloved...


Also, when Zab was a bum (early in his caeer)...I didn't know shit about fight plans...I just gave him whatever I had at the time and sent him to war...and got him KO'd a few times.

Zab has done so much for the sport... hes definitely a hall of famer!

But I hope he will make some more fights.
I'm afraid Zab is done. He might fight again in a few months but he will only comeback against Running Man.

CyruS makes the best descriptions ever....he'll need to make one for Zab when he gets in the HOF.
His resume is only good but his status as a league legend is undoubted so I'll vote 'yes' to him entering the hall of fame.
When Judah finally does retire...he should be instantly inducted into The Hall.
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