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Full Version: The Official 2007 FHWeBL Awards!
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The moment we have all been waiting for, the results of the 2007 FHWeBL Awards.

First let us all thank each other for participating in the league and putting on some great fights and writing

some good drama and personalities to our fighters.

Now, here are the results......

2007 FHWeBL Fighter Of The Year
CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS

2007 FHWeBL Fight Of The Year
Josh Joshua vs. Reggie "The Kiss" Hope I

2007 FHWeBL Upset Of The Year
Oxy-Con-Mon W KO 1 Terrence "Ten Count" Tunney

2007 FHWeBL Knockout Of The Year
Richard "Dick" Butkiss W KO 9 Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn

2007 FHWeBL Rematch Of The Year
Did I even make a thread on this? I can't find it. I'm guessing I forgot to do it laugh.gif

2007 FHWeBL Comeback Fighter Of The Year
Co-Winners : Zab "Super" Judah & Terrence "Ten Count" Tunney

2007 FHWeBL Event Of The Year
"The Easton Assassin" Larry Holmes vs. CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS



And let's make 2008 even better.
Ill count that Upset of the Year as one of Tunneys awards, so although that was Maxys accomplishment laugh.gif my gym has 3 awards. Thats not too bad smile.gif
I guess Hope-Joshua was really FOTY...what a crazy fight that was.
Those fights with Joshua almost ruined Reggie...

Thankfully Reggie now fights 5 weight divisions below him!

Btw, can Reggie have an easy defence cos he's overweight and I didn't train him on strength...shit, he's got enough of that already!
And look whats happened to Joshua. He keeps getting knocked out by Errol "H-Rizzle" Barnes in 2 rounds...

G, please, give Joshua some fights, maybe tuneups. Over the last several weeks hes either been inactive or he got KO'd by Barnes.
Congratulations to all the winners...but there were several very important categories not included...such as...

2007 FHWeBL Best Bum Gym - The BUMgeon (36 Chambers Edition)

2007 FHWeBL Best Exclusive/Small Gym - The C.E.O.'s Dungeon

2007 FHWeBL Most Avoided a.k.a. Dangerous Gym - The C.E.O.'s Dungeon


Barnes and Joshua are the best fighters at that fight made the most sense.
Yeah, I know, no problem there. Its just now that Joshua obviously couldnt do it against Barnes hed like to get back on track by staying busy against some other opponents.
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