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Full Version: Zab Judah/Pavel Molotov and Roy Jones Jr/Otto Blatty ON!
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Judah by early stoppage vs. "The Spy"

Jones Jr. by late stoppage vs. Blatty
Thank you for giving "The Fatty from Cincinnatti" the opportunity he deserves, G...

We know Jones has ungodly points...but you need to know this...back when Blatty was really green and draining himself to make weight...he fought your current #1 P4P, Simms, to a stalemate. That fight could have went either way...

Jones better focus strictly on his rappin' hoops....

We're gunning for the upset.

We expect this to be tougher than the Tunney fight. We knew Tunney was going to get beat silly against Jones. Tunney was skilled but had no toughness. That was basically Roy Jones coming out party. He is in his prime.

Otto is a solid boxer with P4P skills. Beating Briana Banks is no easy task. Banks is one of the best Light-Heavyweights ever.
I like you,'re so fair and honest.


You're right...Banks was a force at one time, and Blatty plain schooled her...and Bobby Boome knocked her ass out right before that as well...

I'm tellin' ya....if my guys weren't so damn fearless and hadn't fought anyone, anywhere, anytime...not taking tune ups or padding their stats like many others....they'd all be Top 10 P4P by now....

My gym is solid and deserves Respect!


2007 FHWeBL Most Fearless and Solid Gym - The C.E.O.'s Dungeon

not taking tune ups or padding their stats like many others

Hmmm....That's being done with Skull-Splitter...I expect to see him in title fights in the future.

BTW, "The Spy" is a good veteran who has wins over McPheerson, Maussa, Jodie Moore, Back in a Flash, Juan Diaz.

But I expect this to be a walk in the park for Judah.
Hell yeah, it's being done with me....I'm SKULLSPLITTER, G....that is ME fighting in

I only want what none of my boys ever got...and so many others had...the proper grooming...the chance to stack many skill points in the categories....that's the least I deserve for having such a fearless gym in '07....
"Pavel is a hard puncher and a class act. Good luck to you Zab." Carlos "El Indio" Quintana
Pavel is a hard puncher but Zab's punching power/speed is RIDICULOUS....the guy has the ability to hurt/stun EVERYONE around his weight.

I think this is going to be over in 5 or less.
Pavel's maximum weight is 136Ibs.

Judah will beat him silly.
Damn...should be a fun fight while it lasts though.
Judah will make sure Molotov leaves Brooklyn with a BK style beatdown tonight. thumbsup_anim.gif
Judah certainly gave the Spy a terrible beatdown.
Description of the bout:

Former 2x Junior-Welterweight champion, Zab "Super" Judah, battled the smaller Pavel "The Spy" Molotov who was a Lightweight champion at one time.

From the very beginning, the fight was a mismatch as Judah's blows were clearly effecting "The Spy". "The Spy" on the other hand could do nothing to Judah. Judah viciously battered Molotov. Molotov was badly hurt several times and was down in round 8 big. Molotov continued and survived the round but was clearly a finished and battered fighter. The corner of Molotov were threatining to stop the bout but Molotov, showing his tremendous heart, begged them for one more round and they DID let him out for one more. Judah however finished the job in round 9 brutally, forcing the referee to step in. Judah gave Molotov credit for his heart.

After the fight, Judah called out Quintana to fight at 140.
Despite taking this beating from Zab, pavel has a lot to offer the game and he is wasted at the crack heads gym. He has accepted Zab's offer to join him at Da Dark side...he should be there as we speak.
Pavel will know understand the power of Da Dark Side gym.
Good win for Jones, took more than 10 rounds btw...laugh.gif

Considering his points disadvantage, Blatty did as well as anyone could (deadlocked before the KO)...a little more resiliency, and he would have lasted the 12 and won....

I expect their rematch in the near future...but Bobby Boome is looming....he's THE top contender at Light Heavy....and that fight today has given us huge insight on Jones and what it takes to beat him.
laugh.gif With more experience...Blatty might beat Jones in the future. But as of right now

JONES IS THE MAN!!!! The new SUPERSTAR of the division.

BTW, congrats on Soup Bone finally becoming World Champion.

C.E.O, back to back, we were the worst players in the league at one time. Things are starting to pick up for us thumbsup_anim.gif
Jones is the right....for

and thank you...who would have thought The Soup Bone would become The Champ?...from the projects to the prison to THE PENTHOUSE!

What a great win...a first round KO of an iron chinned champion.
C.E.O, back to back, we were the worst players in the league at one time. Things are starting to pick up for us thumbsup_anim.gif

We weren't that good, were we?....laugh.gif

but yeah...we're making shit happen nowadays....and it feels good...


Now if I could only find it in myself to get cheap and create some toothpicks... tongue.gif

Most of the guys in my stable are punchers and had to win the hard way...
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