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Full Version: Joe Lauzon vs Kenny Florian
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Who do you got?
pastor method
is this fight actually happening?

i think kenny takes it at this point. he's rounded out his striking nicely and lauzon is still green (but has a lot of potential).
florian is a win away from another title shot, it'd be a shame if they tossed a prospect like lauzon in there with him. not that lauzon would get hurt, it wouldn't even be a massive shocker if lauzon won- i just think it's too soon for him.

why not florian vs huerta for the next title shot and a more reasonable step up fo lauzon like hot streaking rich clementi or jiu jitsu ace mark bocek?
Yeah, this fight is set to happen at the next Ultimate Fight Night.

I too think Kenny takes it. He has a lot more experience then Joe and has been in more big fights. I agree 100% they should be building Joe up. They keep feeding him to the wolves. His first fight was against Jens Pulver of all people.
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