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Full Version: Thoughts on the Peterson brothers?
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I was just curious to find out what people's opinion is of the Peterson brothers following their performance on Shobox Friday night?

I'l tell you this, they both have good technique and have been schooled well. As a matter of fact, they fight very simular to each other. The younger brother seems to be the most versatile and able to change up as the need arrives. But overall, they both are to be watched as they approach the champion levels. Goood Prospects!!!!!

I was also, shocked to see "King" Rahim win by KO ............ somebodies on a comeback trail.
Hey no way I saw Zzzzahir pull off an exciting one punch KO. I about spit my beer out when I saw that.

I thing the younger Peterson is the more marketable but I like the older ones smoother technique. Still I agree with you, very good prospects.
they are very well schooled, the only thing i don't like is there amateurish "haww" when the punch.
Those brothers will be world champs.

And Zahirs KO was nasty...great left hook..
I thought both Peterson brothers looksed pretty good overall, but I thought that Lamont looked much more polished. For some reason it seemed like Anthony was a bit hesitant to pull the trigger, which wouldnt be good in a match against a top fighter. Lamont showed quick hands, an improved defense, and some very good body punching. I think Anthony has more power, but I think that his brother is the better prospect.
Mean Mister Mustard
They have some serious snap on their punches, even the brother who doesn't hit hard has snap. I like watching them fight.

Big George is back on the Raheem bandwagon.
Not the same card but if anyone watched the Allan Green fight what the hell does this guy keep lookin at his feet for? He better quit that shit. It's like he's a robot and that's his way of resetting himself after he throws punches.
Yeah there were a few weird things on that night. Green looking down all the time, and Anthony Peterson jumping up and down in the clinch like a retard.
Hahhaha I forgot about that. The ref for that fight wasn't very good and that dude he was fighting was one dirty fighting mofo.
Anthony was jumping up and down to prevent his opponent from butting him in close a VETERAN move! Lamont was fighting a guy who had to be 165lbs and he hnadled him! But both of the Peterson brothers fight kind of ROBOTIC and stiff, they need to loosen up some!
Highly skilled, although I find them a bit aggrivating. Can't put my finger on it, but the Monica Selis type screams in the ring don't help much.
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