On Sunday January 13, 2008 the biggest rematch of the new year takes place!

Virtually Undefeated, The 2nd fighter in history to be a 4 Division World Champion, the former Jr. Flyweight, Flyweight, Jr. Bantamweight and reigning and defending Undisputed Bantamweight Champion Of The World, Z Gorres (28-1-2 10KOs) puts his titles on the line once again against the Virtually Undefeated Legend, Former Jr. Bantamweight and Former 2-Time Undisputed Bantamweight World Champion CyruS "Here We Go" ViruS (26-3-3 19 KOs)

The first super fight between these 2 ended in an draw! What is going to go down this time!?

Z Gorres Career highlights :

L UD 12, W UD 12 AJ Banal - reverses a loss to the former world champion
W KO 1 Andrei Sokolnikov - For the Jr. Flyweight title
W UD 12 Nonito "Filipino Flash" Donaire
D 12 Fernando "Cochulito" Montiel
W UD 12 Reynaldo "Boom-Boom" Bautista - For the Flyweight Title
W KO 2 Reggie "The Kiss" Hope
W TKO 8, W TKO 10 Roger Mayweather - 2nd fight for the Undisputed Bantamweight title
W UD 12 CyruS "No Fear" ViruS
W UD 12 Frankie "The Brit" Skipton
W UD 12 Kindred "Spirit" Cole
D 12 CyruS "Here We Go" ViruS

Here We Go Career highlights :

W UD 12, W KO 11, W KO 11 The Latvian Fighting Snake - 2nd Fight for the Jr. Bantamweight Title
W UD 12, W KO 6 "King" Leonardo E. Christopholis III - 1st fight for the Bantamweight Title
W KO 11, W UD 12 Fernando "Cochulito" Montiel - The Original Little Man SuperFight of SuperFights
D 12, W KO 9 Kindred "Spirit" Cole - puts on a devastating performance after a draw in the first fight.
W KO 4 Nonito "Filipino Flash" Donaire - over the 2 division champ
L UD 12, D 12, W UD 12 "Lean" Leon Greene - reverses a loss
W KO 11 Ricardo Reyes - contender
L UD 12, L MD 12, W UD 12 Nick "Kanyankole" Otieno - reverses a loss with power punches in the 3rd fight.
D 12 Z Gorres