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Full Version: Montiel - Most avoided fighter...
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Montiel has had to move up to 122 to find guys willing to fight him. Montiel fought the former 130 pound champ and P4P king Yuriorkis Gamboa and lost a close decision. He is 0-2-1 in his last 3 at that weight fighting guys with ridiculous physical advantages. Montiel started his career at 105.

Montiel is calling out Skipton, Here We Go, Oronko, Herrera, Luis "El Locco", The Pikey.

Oronko has said in public that he isn't ready for a rematch even though he beat him by Split decision a while back.
I don't even know who is the champion at 122 laugh.gif
The champion is some bitch named Ernesto Bonifacio who was able to beat Montiel by SD. Montiel was robbed in the first fight.
Get that rematch crackin!
Oronko lost his unbeaten record today against Kindred "Spirit" Cole by a wide decision.
Hey...Kndred's back laugh.gif Congrats...huge win.
I only protect unbeaten fighters biggrin.gif

So Montiel can have his rematch with Oronko. I think Oba is at 115 right now, but he wouldnt have a problem moving up I believe.
Oba is at 115 ohmy.gif

Thats a freak.

So we got 6 footers at Flyweight now..

I think I might just create one now.
No, I just saw hes not at 115, that would be crazy wink.gif Hes at 118 now, he wouldnt have a problem coming back up to 122 for Montiel.

Ive stopped creating twigs by the way. Cant stand them myself biggrin.gif

Blayde...keep making twigs...they make for gerat challenges.

Blayde/Maxy - TWIGS.

Al Hata/Cyrus/C.E.O/Ghost/BigJuicyHog - Boxer-Punchers


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