Guys, here is Wanderlei's latest post [translated to english] from his website,
Check it out. Classiest guy in MMA, period.

"Due to a busy schedule here in Las Vegas, I wasn't able to post the video, but I will as soon as possible.

This fight has helped me review certain things: I have to train more on wrestling and muai thai. I'm thinknig of spending some time in Holland, at Ernest Hoost's gymn to better my skills. I met him here in Vegas, we talked and he seemed to be a nice person, besides a great champion. I need to get his school's information, if you know, please send it to me, I will be thankful.

I want to state here that I am very thankful for my coaches\corner whom have done a great job with me this past 3 months. Unfortunately I have acquired many bad habits since the begining of my carrer and it is very hard to re-educate an athlete, but I will be trying my best to correct it and I will do so! I was very well prepared for this fight, obtaining a good first fight in the ufc.

I confess you that I would have liked very much to win and have given this joy to all. There was a time during the fight that I remembered you all, I remembered that there were people rooting for me, and that gave me more heart! You guys don't know how your support is important for me.

I'm going to Brazil now in january to see my parents and my daughter and I hope to speak to Ninja, Shogun, Dida, Cyborg, Daniel Acacio, Azeredo... so that they help me prepare for the next one, for they are great athletes and friends. They were missed during training, no doubt.

I hope to be able to count on them in 2008 and to also give joy to my fans, that have never abandoned me and that are with me under any circumstances. Die with envy those that don't have you (Wand's fan), and all of your love!

From the bottom of my heart thank you guys and a great new year for all. That the hands of the Lord guides you this new year, in this new begining. Stay with God."