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Full Version: Ricky Hatton went on 4-day drinkin' binge over the holiday...
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If you thought got smashed in his 10th-round, technical-knockout loss to WBC welterweight champion (43-1, 31 KOs) on Dec. 8, you should have been seated next to him at the bar during a 4-day drinking binge in Tenerife, Spain, that helped usher in the New Year.

According to London's Daily Mail, Hatton, accompanied by his girlfriend, Jennifer Dooley, downed 57 pints of ale, 17 vodkas and Red Bulls, four vodkas, three whiskey chasers and a bottle of champagne during the epic bender.

I have only one question: Who counted? *
Haha. I swear he is just like me or you (not literally you Method, just figure of speech), only more ugly.

He is just a down to earth type of guy.
Yeah, I guess if you divvy that itemized bar tab up over the course of 4 days, and two people, it ain't all that bad...
That's nothing compared to what most English drink on holiday, esp. over a holiday period, and between 2 people like Method said. The English drinking culture is shocking.
dj necrogenic
I could drink Hatton under the table, but I'd worry about him trying to hug me all night
I liked this article about his gluttonous's a real slap to his face...

Shape up or ship out.

P.S.~ I was playing CoD 4 in a British clan's server the other day...and I asked them what they thought of Ricky of them quickly said, "He's a National disgrace."...

LOL. Man, those online communities can be downright nastee. If Reg Dumb would get offended in here, he would have been appalled at what is throw around in those online gaming communities.
Now that is a binder I can respect, I've always admired the Brits for their drinking. Cheers
gods son
Hatton celebrating his fat amount of he has earnt in 07!

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