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Full Version: Mora wins tonight by KO
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Rather TKO............. and yes, it is shocking. A KO would have been VERY shocking.
Big Slim Sweet
Javier Mora? Good for him. Being James Toney's chief sparring partner seems to have really paid off for the kid.
Sergio Mora
WHO CARES???????????.......
(not intended towards the thread starter)
Yes he scored a TKO but he looked like sh*t tonight.
To be honest it was an awefull stoppage and really fishy.
Yea I just read that Mora was also behind on two of the three scorecards. He's really been slipping the last year. He turned down an offer to fight Taylor, then the Ouma fight fell through. Then, he got a lucky decision against Elvin Ayala, but I guess at least he got the TKO win last night. Hopefully this gets things back on track for Mora, but we'll see.
Mora is garbage. GARBAGE.

The Latin Fake. Turned down a title shot to do what? Fight who?
Big Slim Sweet
Did he look ready for a rematch with Ibragimov?
moscow bear
QUOTE(Big Slim @ Jan 12 2008, 11:13 PM) [snapback]374520[/snapback]
Did he look ready for a rematch with Ibragimov?

LOL, sarcasm....
QUOTE(Method @ Jan 13 2008, 05:35 AM) [snapback]374503[/snapback]
Mora is garbage. GARBAGE.

The Latin Fake. Turned down a title shot to do what? Fight who?

Exactly. The guy is a total joke. The contender is a show for guys who can't breakthrough with fights, he wins the show and is given the opportunity to fight for the undisputed middleweight title, and he went against everything the show is about. He should never box again or be given TV time.
The guy he fought hadn't fought in over 3 years and I checked his record and my man William Joppy knocked his ass out in 1 YEARS ago...laugh.gif
Yeah...SM took some really bad advice in turning down the Taylor fight. He was saying that he shouldn't have to go into JT's hometown for the fight. The worst part to me was that he came across like a total prick in explaining why he turned the fight down. Acting all pompous like the fight was beneath them.
If had even gone into the fight and looked pretty good while losing, he'd at least be getting decent fights at this point.

Then after he couldn't find anyone to fight, he comes back saying he is now ready for Taylor?
Sorry, he shot himself in the foot with that. Now that he has a draw, and was losing to a bum before his TKO, his marketability is only going down at this point.
dj necrogenic
Horrible bullshit stoppage. The ref actually had to stop Ruvalcaba in mid combination, pushing Sergio back to stop the fight via KO... Mora aint shit as soon as he fights anyone Top20 caliber he gets knocked the fuck out... Fuck Sergio Mora
Mora is everything wrong with boxing. A head full of shit & a heart full of fear who thinks he deserves TV time & main events.
Mora is a waste of boxing space
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