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Full Version: Vacant Jnr. Welterweightr Title
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The title is now vacant. Taylor moved up in weight.

The top 10

1. Roland Navarette
2. Miguel Cotto
3. Zab Judah
4. Jesse Jane
5. Jabdiel Judah
6. Jimmy Jack Judah
7. Paulie Malignaggi
8. Buddy Shine
9. Juan Miguel Cotto
10. Cyrus "Running Man" Virus

Navarette and Jane are fighting on Wednesday! Damn autoscheduller!

How about Malignaggi vs. Cotto for the title?
Cotto vs. Zab III
LOL.....Why not?

Since Zab wants to fight Running Man, let's do Cotto-Jabdiel III and the winner of that faces the winner of Navarette-Jane
I thought that Zab was gonna fight Maussa.
Zab and his entire family are always reluctant to fight Maussa....they see Maussa in their nightmares....
laugh.gif Maussa was in attendance for Zab's last night...he saw the massacre that took place...Maussa needs time to rebuild his career.

And Cyrus, Cotto just loves to beat up on the Judah brothers as well huh? laugh.gif Ok Jabdiel-Cotto III is on for the title.

Zab Judah-Running Man III...

Cyrus, you KNOW Running Man has no chance! I know Running Man is 3-0 against Zab, but Zab is a beast now.
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