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Full Version: The Official Richard Butkiss - Roy Jones Jr. Undisputed Light Heavyweight Championship Thread
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Sunday, January 20 is a showdown for the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Championship!

First and Only Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion, the reigning Linear Light heavyweight Champion Of The World Richard "Dick" Butkiss (22-5-1 14KOs) returns from his cruiserweight battles to take on the reigning Light Heavyweight World Champion, Roy Jones Jr. (24-5-0 17KOs)

It's a match up heating up with trash talk and for alot of titles!

Butkiss Career Highlights :

W UD 12, W UD 12, W UD 12 Jeff "The Genesis" Ghusson - defeats dominate Light Heavyweight Champion (1st fight managed by don, 2nd and 3rd by CyruS)
W KO 11 Jean Pascal (managed by don)
W KO 8, W KO 3 Terrence "Ten Count" Tunney (1st fight managed by don, 2nd fight by CyruS) - defeats dominate Light Heavyweight Champion in first fight
L UD 12, W KO 9 Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn (1st fight managed by don, 2nd fight by CyruS) - unifys Light Heavyweight Title and Linear Light Heavyweight in 2nd fight to become Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion.


RJJ Career Highlights :

L UD 12, W KO 9 Larry Johnson - Avenges a loss
W KO 12 Bobby "Tick Tick" Boome
W UD 12 "Ferocious" Fernando Vargas
W TKO 6 Tyrone "Soup Bone" Sloan
W KO 12 Terrence "Ten Count" Tunney - For the ABC Light Heavyweight Championship



Roy Jones Jr.

"first of all, Butkiss ain't no champ!!!!! He was STRIPPED for not defending his title all those weeks and then moving up! I picked up the title when I KOed Glass Jaw Tunney!!!! I said Tunney was getting KO'd, I said Blatty was getting KO' BUTKISS MUST GO BEFO' 10!!!!!!!!"
Al Hata

This fight is bullshit. I'd be shocked if Roy wins. Either way, I would love a shot at the winner.

BTW, I might have to retire the Prince after the terrible loss to soup bone. Congrats C.E.O, you just Roy Jonesed my boy.
Thanks, Hata...Abu-Husson is a bad, bad dude...he can beat anyone around his weight on any given night....apparently just like Soup Bone can

as far as the Butkiss-Jones fight....Jones appears to be the more beatable of the I have to lean towards Butkiss.......

and for the record...Blatty, Boome, and Sloan could all beat Butkiss and/or Jones with the right plans....
QUOTE(Richard "Dick" Butkiss - Linear Light Heavyweight Champion Of The World)
*holding up 2 light heavyweight championship belts* You see this right here Roy? These are the real light heavyweight titles. I still have physical possession of the belts, you know why? Because I never lost the Undisputed Titles in the ring! That belt you carrying around is a plastic toy, cracker jack, worth $10. Come this sunday, after I knock your ass out and take your cracker jack toy you call a belt, I will drive down to your home in pensacola, find the nearest bridge and toss that piece of shit title right into the river! You're dead!
Its a shame that even Al Hata doesn't have faith in Roy. Hata, you built know what he is capable of doing.

Butkiss is FUCKED!
I must say Im still not too sure if Butkiss is really the real deal. He looked great against Ghusson, but someone like Roy is a totally different fighter. And I dont think Butkiss could win more than 3 out of 10 against Deep Freeze, so I dont know about his resume. Hes a great fighter, but is he really a p4p number 1 candidate? Maybe Jones will prove hes not, its a good fight.

By the way: Wednesday, Januar 16th - Super Welterweight Championship of the World: Travis Simms KOs Brittney Skye being ahead on the scorecards. No SD or some shit like that, Simms is still getting better smile.gif
Butkiss' standing has been exaggerated ever since he beat Deep Freeze but Deep Freeze wasn't ever going to be able to cope with a sustained attack from a light heavyweight. Deep Freeze' maximum weight was 175...that is why he stayed at super middleweight. It was a bad move moving up and he paid for it but this doesn't make Butkiss something special IMO.

In fact, I'm far more inclined to rate Butkiss due to his two failed attempts against Angus than his success against Deep Freeze because Angus out weighed him by a large amount and hits hard even against heavyweights. Butkiss managed to sting Harold and took some extremely powerful punches from Angus. Those same punches have knocked out bigger men than Butkiss but he didn't cave in until the the final round.

Jones is possibly faster but he's shorter and he isn't naturally strong at light heavyweight. His maximum weight is 4Ibs below that of Butkiss and although he might possess the harder punch, that doesn't equate to much when I know he couldn't hurt Deep Freeze 7Ibs below the light heavyweight limit, where he is stronger.

I think it'll be a good fight between two very good fighters and if I'm going to pick a winner it'll be Butkiss on points because I believe Jones has the stamina and chin to go the distance.
Looks like Jones proved you all wrong..despite being a somewhat small Light Heavyweight.

He is definitely willing to give Butkiss a rematch.
And Butkiss demands one. He believes there is no way he lost that fight. We shall see if Roy can slither away with the undisputed titles in a rematch.
Cyrus, Roy dont duck no one. He believes he is the new SUPERSTAR of WeBL. He will fight anyone from Butkiss to Deep Freeze.
Butkiss says Roy sign on the dotted line!
Its on.
Jones came through...BIIIIG win right there....Butkiss ain't no joke. He's a killer. I'mma catch the replay right now...

Damnnnn...that was a battle...Jones takes the lead, Butkiss takes the middle....tight championship rounds with Butkiss really goin for it in the 12th...Jones gets rocked and survives...


Looking forward to their rematch for two reasons, for its entertainment value....and two, because Bobby "Tick Tick" Boome is armed and ready to explode on the winner.

The Dungeon wants to Own the heavy hitting divisions.
Butkiss obviously respects lil Roy's power. He didn't want to fight his usual inside fight.
If Roy is coming back to 168, lets make Pascal vs. Jones II for the title.
Butkiss opened Roy up like surgery and him hurt in both of the final rounds. Butkiss is king of the light heavyweights again. He beat him clean and clear. Now, I just don't know what I'm supposed to do with Butkiss lol.
Roy is going to knock a few bums out...starting with the bum who beat my beloved prospect, Raiden.
Butkiss should definitely NOT retire because there are some good fighters out there.

Allan Green is 17-0 with 13 knockouts. Otto Blatty has never fought Butkiss so far and Bobby "Tick Tick" Boome does have a loss against Butkiss in his record but should get a title shot in the near future. And some time The Genesis will have to get another shot, too.

Oh and dont forget about always dangerous Terrence "Ten-Count" Tunney!
The trash talk for Jones-Pascal II has begun...."Fuck around, I'll go over to Toronot and SLAP YOU!"

Blayde makes some good points. Perhaps Butkiss should stick around and clean out 175 again.
Hmmm..Butkiss and Judah are building up quite the rivarly...lets make this freakshow happen cyrus. come on, it'll be fun.
I've announced that Boome wants his shot a few times now....we've been waiting patiently, and he clearly deserves it.

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