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Full Version: Zab "Super" Judah vs. Cyrus "Running Man" Virus IV Predictions!
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In a huge superfight, the legendary 2x Junior-Welterweight champion, Zab Judah takes on his extremely popular rival, former 2 division World Champion, legendary Cyrus "Running Man" Virus.

Judah VOWS to knock Running Man out! Running Man's got NO CHANCE!!!!!!!

Zab Judah Career Highlights:

LMD 12, LSD 12, LUD 12 Cyrus "Running Man" Virus: Goes 0-3 vs. Running Man. 3rd one was for the Jnr. Welterweight title.
LUD 12, KO 11 Wolfang Georg Herel - Avenges early defeat in brutal fashion.
LKO 5 Malvador Manchez - Bad times for Zab.
LKO 4, LKO 12 Miguel Cotto - 2nd fight was for the Junior Welterweight Title. An absolute war until the end.
LKO 4, WUD 12 Carlos "El Apostle" Maussa - Was caught in the first fight..outboxes Maussa easily in the 2nd.
KO 2, KO 1 Jabdiel Judah - Destorys his little brother twice. 2nd fight was for the title.
LKO 9, WUD 12, KO 2, WUD 12 Mike Taylor - Destorys Taylor 3 times.
WUD 12 Buddy McGirt - Gives McGirt the worst beating of his career.
TKO 2 Ronald Hearns - Destorys former Welterweight champion in 2. Worst loss of Hearns career.
LKO 8, TKO 5 Freddie McPheerson - Doped up Zab losses the first fight badly...avenges loss by destorying McPheerson in vicious fashion.
KO 1 William Joppy - Destroys Joppy.
LUD 12 Luis Collazo - Close loss.
TKO 9 Pavel "The Spy" Molotov - Gives "the Spy" a vicious beatdown.

Cyrus "Running Man" Virus Career Highlights:

WMD 12, WSD 12, WUD 12 Zab "Super" Judah - 3rd fight for the title.
WUD 12 "Terrible" Tariq Wheeler - Upsets Legend for the Welterweight Title.
WUD 12 Garcia Marquez, LUD 12 Garcia Marquez - Outboxes Marquez the firs time...was NOT ready at all for the remacth and was underweight.
LKO 11 Welter Skelter - Losses title.
LUD 12 Buddy Shine - Outboxed.
D 12, WUD 12 Carlos "El Apostle" Maussa - Dominates rematch.
LKO 1 Miguel Cotto - Knocked out vs. the great Cotto. Losses his title.
LKO 1, WUD 12 Maxy Kokaine - Knocked out in the first fight but avnenges loss by clear cut UD in the rematch.
D 12, LKO 11 Roland Navarette - Great efforts but fell short vs. the great Navarette.
LUD 12 Tera Patrick - Too much for Running Man.
WUD 12 Buddy McGirt - Easy win for Running Man
"The press conference was held in Brooklyn, New York. It was announced that the fight will be held at the newly built Zab Judah Stadium in Brooklyn which will hold about 35,000 plus fans. It's been confirmed that major hip-hop stars Nas, Jay-Z, Rakim, Masta Ace, Jeru The Damaja, DJ Premier, GZA, Redman, Method Man, RZA will be in attendance to watch the two legends. Judah looks to impress the crowd and VOWS to KO Running Man in under 6 rounds. "He ain't lasting yo!" said Zab at the press conference. Zab however showed much respect for the man that beat him 3 times. Running Man spent a few years in Zab's gym training. It's widely known that the two sparred many times with Zab usually coming out on top. "Dont be scuuuuuuuured Running Man"

QUOTE(Running Man - Former Welterweight & Former Jr. Welterweight World Champion)
Zab ain't getting to me! I beat him 3 times already! I am now back home at the 36 Chambers so we gon cook up a homemade meal and feed Zab with a little of that left n right and he's going down! Ima beat his ass easier than the last time!
Zab Judah

"running man neva beat my ass easy! in fact, NO ONE HAS EVA BEATEN MY ASS EASY!!!!!!!!! i am da muhfuckin dark lord of this shit bitches! IMA FUCKIN GENIUS!!!!!!!!!! IMA PUT A BLANKET ON RUNNING MAN WHEN I PUT HIM TO SLEEP!"
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