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Full Version: BJ Penn wants a shot at Georges St. Pierre
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Here is an excerpt from a recent interview with BJ. I gotta tell you guys, BJ is a far superior ground fight that St. Pierre and I feel that he would win this one a lot easier than you might think.

"Can I please — please — fight this guy (St. Pierre)?” Penn says. “You know it has to happen. Everyone does. It’s the fight everyone really wants to see. I heard Dana say something like a ‘motivated B.J. Penn is very dangerous,’ but I’d never be more motivated in my life than if I got a chance to fight this guy again.“

“I think I won the fight as it was,” Penn said. “His conditioning and stamina was great that time and it will be again. But I won;t be the same fighter, I’m going to be a lot better. He won’t be fighting the same old B.J.“
pastor method
i think gsp would beat him easier the second time around. there was a lot of debate the first time, people saying penn won. but that's laughable. gsp clearly won the last two rounds and for all the talk of bj dominating the first round, all he really did was open up a cut, and blood should have ZERO effect on the judges' decision as to who wins a round. the first round was about even in my opinion, since they traded some punches, bj stuffed gsp's takedowns and gsp finished the round with some good leg kicks. after that round, gsp's conditioning took over, he scored four takedowns in the last two rounds and used his lateral movement to score good strikes. bj gassed and was ineffective from his back and when going for takedowns of his own.

now, i think that's a fair assessment of the first fight, and since then, gsp has gotten a lot better while bj has shown little improvement (he's already stellar, there isn't much room for improvement anyway) but the fact remains that gsp is clearly better now than he was then

gsp's submissions have improved and his wrestling is ten times was bj's is- in fact, he probably has the best shot and the best takedown defense in all of mma. his natural size and strength advantages would also help him a lot against penn, who makes for a small welterweight.

by the way, i'm picking penn by submission today against stevenson. if he wins, he's only the 2nd man ever to win UFC titles in more than one weight class. (randy couture being the other). quite an accomplishment. i think win or lose against stevenson, it's in his best interest to stay at lightweight- so many great fights to be made there.
Same here. I like Penn but St. Pierre is a BEAST and is in peak condition right now IMO.
Penn's weight is always questionable. A guy who walks around just shy of 200lbs that can cut to 157 you've got to wonder.

...and his conditioning. He's pretty lax when it comes to buckling down, whereas GSP lives in the Communist block of French Canada. They won't let him rest until he makes Nestles a household name.

BJ is skilled, no doubt, but owning a plantation and being skilled when you go up against a French BJ..J.. master. It will be a war for sure.
I agree with those that believe that GSP would win a rematch....and more decisive at that. GSP is a physical phenomenon. Always comes in fantastic condition and has gained experience, skill, and most important....confidence since his last meeting with BJ. BJ just might have a different, more serious mindset coming into a rematch, but GSP would be entirely too much for BJ this time round IMO.
I've looked for the original match online but have yet to find it, any help from anyone?
QUOTE(ElectricTwinkie @ Jan 21 2008, 05:18 PM) [snapback]375926[/snapback]
I've looked for the original match online but have yet to find it, any help from anyone?

Here is a page with the links to 3 parts to the original Penn/GSP bout. But you will have to DL something for the player to watch it.
Bill The Butcher
If it is a 3 rounder, GSP wins a decision. If it is a 5 rounder, GSP wins by TKO.

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