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Al Hata
My friend works at a movie theatre and gave us an early, late night showing last night. I must say, I was very pleased with the film. It is as good as you would expect it to be. It isn't the best movie I have ever seen , but I think anybody who was interested in what they saw in the previews or trailers, should go see this when it comes out.

Mean Mister Mustard
I was wondering when someone would start a thread about this.

I really got into the hype during the summer after the teaser trailer was released. But the viral marketing campaign grew thin after a while and I realized I was getting so worked up over a damn movie.

Still, the concept of the movie is original and will make the movie very interesting. Hollywood should have realized a long time ago that they need to break the mold and stop making so many crappy movies. I mean, "One Missed Call" come on, how many remakes are they going to make?

Just got back from scoping this out. I give it a solid B! If anything Ol JJ needs to be given credit for at least attempting something different.

It does swipe a TON from other films.....Blair Witch, Godzilla, The Host and to a lesser Degree The Mist. BUT....pouring all that into a blender does make for something interesting.

The starting sequence is a bit too long for me.....filled with really lame OC/WB teen sitcom dialog.....they start to annoy you and you wish for their painful, hopefully grusome death.

There are some plot holes you could drive Optimus Prime through.....

BUT....all in's interesting.

The only caveat.....if you HATED the shaking and rough camera angles of Blair might want to skip this one as it is much worse IMHO...and RARELY ever stops for more than a few seconds.

Also....if you like answers....much like this dude's television might want to look elsewhere, as you wont get any here!

Would have been MUCH better with an R rating.

All in all...a solid effort worth a look.
Bill The Butcher
I liked it. It was original on the way they filmed it. I know other films have done this before, but not with an action/monster movie with good special effects.

Or maybe they did. But none that I can think of.

I had to look away a couple of times, especially at the beginning. The shakiness gets pretty bad at some parts, but you get used to it after a while.

I agree, I would give it a solid "B."

If you go check this movie out, stay passed the ending credits.





There is a quick clip at the end of the movie after the credits. Nothing too special, but you can listen to the ending and then go to to find the link to play the audio backwards. It says, "It's still alive." Also, I didn't catch towards the end of the movie when it was showing the two at Coney Island on the ride? I read somewhere that something falls into the ocean in the background of the last scene? I didn't catch it when I was watching the movie, because I read it after. Did anyone else see it? Some people think it is a ship or the actual monster falling into the water.



Mean Mister Mustard
I read about that but only after I saw the movie. I didn't stay after the credits and I didn't notice anything falling out of the sky. Peopl are saying that message at the end is supposed to open a way for a sequel but woul a sequel even work? Quite honeslty I don't really think the movie deserves a sequel, it was a good movie but nothing mindblowing.

Rambo should kick ass.
QUOTE(BGv2.0 @ Jan 19 2008, 12:58 AM) [snapback]375359[/snapback]
The only caveat.....if you HATED the shaking and rough camera angles of Blair might want to skip this one as it is much worse IMHO...and RARELY ever stops for more than a few seconds.

but does it have the nice butts to watch while the camera shakes? thats what got me through Blair Witch.
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