Well an announcement is imminent. According to Richard Scaefer the weight the fight will be at is still being "discussed"...but likely at a catch weight between 147 and 154.

Now...does anyone beleive the fight will be any different? I think it will be better than the first...but with the same outcome. As in other threads I say it will depend on DLH's trainer is and of course his stamina. PBF will back up and throw alot of quick counter rights...while I beleive DLH does a better job of getting to him in this fight...I still think he will fade a bit in the Championship Rounds and not be able to sustain it thus eating alot of shots. I would like to see DLH get back with Manny Steward. Definitely not the fight I wanted to see...but I'll be watching....cant wait for the 24/7.