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Full Version: Gym you have the most trouble with?
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For almost all Gyms, there is another Gym that seems to beat you no matter what. What is your counterpoint? Blayde seems like he has alot of Gyms numbers. BTW who runs Hieroglyphics?
Glad to see that nobody has trouble with any Gyms tongue.gif By the way, who is running some of the other Gyms like Diabolical and Hieroglypics and such? Anybody know?
LOL @ us not admitting we have trouble with any gyms.

I don't know who runs those, BJH....I'd like to to know as well...
I dont know who runs Hieroglyphics but Maxy runs Diabolical....
Yeah, Hieroglyphics and all these gyms that dont have any top contender, but have a lot of twigs. I hate these fighters as opponents for my prospects.

Except that, I was doing everything to avoid the Ghost Gym fighters for a while biggrin.gif But Ive stopped now and on Tuesday its Gamboa vs. Sin again and Wednesday its Simms vs. Skye again.

All the fights against top contenders are very difficult. Maybe if I had to pick one it would be the Krumbsnatcher gym or the Deep Freeze/Wexley gym now.
I dont have trouble against anyone EXCEPT for the following:

Miguel Cotto
Here We Go
Dipsy Gawn

Other then that, I pretty much own you bitches.

You are so full of it Big G as you near .500 record would insist.
I don't think the head to head results against other gyms give a clear picture of who has trouble with who. I know I don't enjoy fighting any of Blaydes fighters, especially with my prospects. My title fight record is pretty good but overall the old Krumbsnatcher gym's record wasn't all that spectacular.

Blayde is the prospect killer so I'd say that right now he's the one gym I don't like getting mixed up with.
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