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Full Version: The Official Here We Go Hall Of Fame Voting Thread
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I propose that Here We Go be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

Here We Go retired in the afternoon of January 18, 2008.

He started his career on May 28, 2007 against the debuting The Latvian Fighting Snake with a unanimous Decision win.

From there he fought The Latvian Fighting Snake two straight times for the vacant World Jr. Bantamweight Championship. It was a fight to crown the first ever Jr. Bantamweight Champion. HWG knocked out the Fighting Snake in 11th round in both fights to become the first ever Jr. Bantamweight Champion and retain the title in their final 3rd fight.

After succesfully defending the Jr. Bantamweight Championship Of The World, HWG decided to move up in weight to challenge the Virtually Undefeated World Bantamweight Champion "King" Leonardo E. Christopholis III (2-1-0 2KOs), HWG defeated the King with unanimous decision victory to become a 2 division World Champion.

HWG made 2 successful title defenses of the World Bantamweight Championship before granting "King" Leonardo E. Christopholis III a rematch. HWG got to the King early by knocking him out 6 rounds.

HWG then made 4 successful title defenses after the "King" rematch but with the bantamweight division at his weakest, the title defenses proved to range between regular sparring sessions to massacres. HWG although dominate, was dominating against subpar competition and was looking for the big fight that would catapult him to stardom and bring regonition and respect to himself as a fighter and as World Champion. The fight he was looking for was signed....

On August 19, 2007, the original Little-Man's Super Fight occured. Undefeated 3 Division World Champion Fernando "Cuchulito" Montiel (12-0-0 6KOs) moved up in weight yet again to face Undefeated Here We Go (11-0-0 8KOs) in a true pound for pound undefeated super fight. Montiel, regarded as the best little man fighter in the world at the time gave HWG his toughest battle to date. The scorecards were even after 6 rounds but HWG's relentless body attack was starting to take it's toll on the 3 Division Champion and in the 11th round came a decisive combination to end Montiel's thoughts on become a 4 division Champion when HWG knocked him out. HWG gained the respect he was looking for.

Following several celebration parties HWG stepped into the ring with debuting fighter the 5 foot 10 inch Juan "Apuro" Herrera, the tallest fighter HWG ever came to face in his career at the point. What was thought to be a massacre turned into a true stylistic nightmare for HWG has the scorecards were even after 7 rounds. HWG took all the rounds thereafter except for the 12th as he gave the round away for he knew he won the fight. HWG ended up taking a clear but close unanimous decision over Apuro. He gave Apuro his props for giving him such a tough fight and said that he would be a future world champion. HWG's prediction came true as Apuro went on to win World Flyweight Championship.

While this was going on, another fighter, Kindred "Spirit" Cole won the ABC Bantamweight title. Cole was seen proclaiming himself as the Bantamweight Champion Of The World. HWG wanted to put an end to that. They signed the fight to take place on September 2, 2007 and crown the first ever Undisputed World Bantamweight Champion.

Cole, who reviewed tapes of the HWG-Apuro fight decided to use the gameplan and execute it to perfection. Having anticipated this, HWG changed his style to become an inside fighter. What occured was a highly competitive bout with Cole actually winning the fight after 11 rounds. HWG nailed Cole with an overhand right that had Cole out on his feet but Cole survived. The result? The fight ended in a draw. The first imperfection for HWG's career.

So with HWG having his career defining win over Montiel, he has now had 2 straight title defenses that were lackluster with 2 fighters having exposed him. HWG decided to regroup himself and re-dedicate himself to the sport. Following the draw with Cole, HWG went on to make 2 more successful title defenses before the big rematch with Cole.

September 23, 2007. HWG vs. Cole II. After being the first man to draw with HWG, Cole went on to lose a razor thin bout to the man who first exposed HWG's weakness, Juan "Apuro" Herrera. Cole was determined to sit on top of the Bantamweight Throne by being the first man to knock HWG off his seat. That was not to be however. HWG showed a new style in this rematch by being simply reckless and it paid off immediately. He knocked down Cole in the 1st round, hurt him the 4th, hurt him in the 7th and finally, knocking him out in the 9th round. HWG reversed that imperfection of a draw with a devastating performance. HWG's rededication is paying off.

Following a succesful title defense, the rematch was signed between HWG and Fernando "Cuchulito" Montiel. Many thought that the first fight would simply be reproduced in this rematch but with HWG ending it early, however, Montiel studied tapes of HWG-Apuro and HWG-Cole I for hours to try and pull out the big win.

October 7, 2007 the rematch to the original Little Man's Super Fight. HWG-Montiel II. Montiel's studying paid off for quite a while, as the scorecards were even after 9 rounds, however once again, HWG's body attack wore down Montiel and HWG boxed his way to a unanimous decision victory over the 3 division Champion. Once again cementing HWG's place as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world.

Following that rematch, HWG made 3 more successful title defenses including a big victory over 2 Division World Champion Nonito "Filipino Flash" Donaire. This made HWG completely in a league of his own has he had successfully defended the Undisputed World Bantamweight Championship 18 times straight. The Longest Successful title defense record of any title in history. HWG's goal was to make the record 20 straight defenses with his 20th defense being against the young top pound for pound fighter Z Gorres a fighter that looked up to him as a hero and then move up in weight to become a 3 division Champion, however those plans were not to be.

On November 4, 2007 the big upset finally occured. "Lean" Leon Greene a 5 foot 11 inch fighter, the tallest fighter HWG ever faced, was a stablemate of Juan "Apuro" Herrera the first man to expose HWG's weakness. Greene learned well from Apuro as Greene pulled off the upset and won the Undisputed World Bantamweight Championship from HWG in a close but clear unanimous decision with the scores being 115-113, 116-113 x2. HWG was gracious in defeat and gave Greene his props for handing him his first defeat of his career. HWG used his rematch clause to get an immediate 2nd fight with Greene.

November 11, 2007 the big rematch. Greene-HWG II. HWG decided to be more agressive on the inside but the fight was still in Greene's hands after 9 rounds. However in the 10th, HWG felt desperate and started to fight reckless, and it was paying off. He hurt Greene in the 10th and the won the next 2 rounds. But HWG found himself with a draw. The crowd was uneasy as they felt they wanted to see a true winner. Both fighters decided there would only be one way to settle it and that was to fight a last third fight.

November 19, 2007 the trilogy ender. Greene-HWG III. HWG decided to be even more agressive inside and more reckless. Greene was leading the fight after 8 rounds but barely. HWG hurts him in the 9th, 11th and 12th on route to another razor thin decision. The result? HWG finally gets over the Greene hurdle and wins back the Undisputed World Bantamweight Championship with a split decision victory. HWG is virtually undefeated.

Following his trilogy with Greene, HWG took on dangerous top contender and stablemate of Greene, the 5 foot 9 inch Ricardo Reyes. Unfortunately for Reyes, it would appear HWG can finally beat taller fighters as HWG goes on to win with an 11th round knockout.

After making another succesful title defense after the Reyes fight, HWG is signed to fight yet another 5 foot 11 inch fighter from where? You guessed it, the same gym that spawned Juan "Apuro" Herrera and "Lean" Leon Greene. This time, the 5 foot 11 inch fighter is Nick "Kanyankole" Otieno. While HWG fought reckless and inside all night, Otieno boxed a beauty and won a close unanimous decision to upset HWG for the Undisputed World Bantamweight Championship with scores of 115-113 x3. HWG gave credit to Otieno for his boxing display but invoked his rematch clause.

December 16, 2007, the rematch. Otieno-HWG II. HWG decides to go with an entire reckless fight plan, however Otieno was leading the fight after 9 rounds. In the 10th, HWG took over by hurting Otieno in each of the championship rounds. Some at ringside had the fight a draw, the judges had other ideas, they announced a majority decision victory for Otieno. HWG failed to beat the man.

While Otieno went on to defend his Undisputed World Bantamweight Title against 2 Division Champion Roger Mayweather, HWG decided to take a tuneup bout, he won by 2nd round knockout. Otieno, meanwhile lost the Undisputed World Bantamweight Title to Roger Mayweather by unanimous decision.

December 30, 2007. the trilogy ender. First round of the Undisputed World Bantamweight Title Tournament. The Tournament consisted of HWG, Otieno, 3 Division World Champion the Virtually Undefeated Z Gorres and Undisputed World Bantamweight Champion Roger Mayweather. The first round matchup pitted Otieno against HWG. HWG this time had the plan. HWG had a much more reckless plan and hurt Otieno in every round from the 8th on. HWG finally got over as he won a clear unanimous decision over his foe. HWG is virtually undefeated again.

Meanwhile, in the other matchup in the Undisputed World Bantamweight Title tournament, Z Gorres became the 2nd man in history to become a 4 division World Champion when he TKO'd Roger Mayweather in the 10th round to win the Undisputed World Bantamweight Championship. The fight the world has been waiting for was finally going to happen, Z Gorres vs. Here We Go.

January 6, 2007. The Super Fight of All Super Fights for Super Fight Weekend II. 4 Division World Champion, Virtually Undefeated Z Gorres put the Undisputed World Bantamweight Titles on the line against HWG. HWG's body attack was ineffective for the first 5 rounds although he did give Gorres a bloody lip. But after 6 rounds which Gorres swept, HWG switched up his style completely and boxed from the outside effectively for the last half of the fight. Some at ringside had Gorres winning a razor thin fight however the judges declared this superfight of superfights dead even. It was a draw.

January 13, 2007. The Super Rematch Of All Super Rematches. Gorres-HWG II. Realizing he was not going to knockout Gorres with his controlled body attack, HWG decided to use his boxing skills which he used so effectively in the last half of the first fight. The result? A deciding boxing gem to highlight the career of HWG and highlight his boxing skills as HWG jabbed and boxed his way to a majority decision victory over Z Gorres that many felt should have been a clear Unanimous Decision, but HWG will take what he can get. HWG finally regains the Undisputed World Bantamweight Championship in great form over the great champion Z Gorres.

After contemplating his future, including a rumored Super Fight with Yuriorkis "Face of Arena" Gamboa which negotiations ended quickly for neither fighter could find a suitable catchweight, Here We Go decided to hang up his gloves on January 18.

Here We Go finished off his career Virtually Undefeated having defeating every man he ever faced and finished with a record of (27-3-3 19KOs) and 4 World titles in 2 Different Weight Classes.

He took on 9 Undefeated Fighters (including debuting fighters.)

He took on 8 World Champions (past/present/future)

He won the World Jr. Bantamweight Championship on June 4, 2007 via KO 11
He won the World Bantamweight Championship on June 24, 2007 via UD 12
He Won the Undisputed World Bantamweight Championship on November 19, 2007 via SD 12
He Won the Undisputed World Bantamweight Championship on January 13, 2008 via MD 12

HWG holds the record of successful World Bantamweight Title defense with 18 straight.
HWG holds the record of successful World Title defenses of any title with 18 straight.

It's time to vote on HWG for the Hall Of Fame!

It's a terrific resume, an outstanding career and a genuine bone fide Hall of Famer. No doubt about it, Here We Go proved to be the greatest bantamweight of all time and he's a dead cert to be the next entrant into the HOF. Even if he'd retired at a much earlier date he would still have made the grade.

Great fighter.
Yes for sure.

HWG never ducked a challenge...and there is no question that he will fight Gorres again.

Gorres will beat him.

And what a summary...
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