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Full Version: "Terrible" Terry Norris......
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Norris has just purchased tickets to watch Simms fight live.

Norris has been given the nicknames "Terrible", "The Assassin", for a reason. He destroys opponents.

Norris: "Simms is a great champion. There is no question about that. But when he meets me, he will get killed."

Comments on Norris:

Zab Judah: "cold blooded killah knowmsayin"

Vargas: "He hits hard, meng."

Z Gorres: "Our best prospect."

Norris is kinda beastlike...I must admit...

10 PPs and 1 Right, 11 PPs and 2 Rights...just blow after devestating blow until the 6th where Bummy Jr. closed his eyes for a moment to clear his
The last time Simms thought he had found his successor it was Lights Out and Lights Out got his ass kicked by Wheeler and has run away to welterweight now. Norris is a dangerous fighter, but hes not an Simms level. Simms is absolutely right when he cries about the fact that people have been ranking Gorres and HWG higher P4P lately wink.gif

Simms: "Im the number 1 p4p. How can you even dream it was different? Ive ruled 154 for a long time, Ive beaten other p4p fighters like Super, Skye and Wheeler. HWG has lost to journeymen. Gorres could not handle HWG. Butkiss has just lost and Angus just like my man Gamboa needs more big opponents. Youve got to give me my credit."

And maybe Norris will have to fight in an eliminator against Wheeler first because Wheeler has been winning for another shot for a while now and Simms is in no need to fight a mandatory right now. Last Wednesday he beat Skye, come Wednesday he will do it again. In preparation for Norris or maybe Wheeler or both of them he wants to fight some other opponents than Skye, Wheeler and Super.
HWG hasn't lost to journeymen, he's lost to mythical men for I have never heard of 5 foot 11 inch Bantamweights. There is a difference, plus he beat them afterwards anyway laugh.gif
The King and Prince are kinda like may stop them but they arent going down
Well, Norris was there live, and admits that Simms will be a tough motherfucker to beat...laugh.gif

But he'll do it.
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