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Full Version: Nice front page commentary by Hype
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Big Slim Sweet
It's about time someone started clowning these guys for begging for fights with Oscar they know damn well they'll never get.

These are grown men who punch each other in the face for a living yet they act like lovesick teenagers hoping to get a dance with the homecoming queen. I swear it's starting to seem borderline homoerotic. Don't these guys realize how pathetic they sound? I mean, where the hell is their pride and manhood?

Anyway, just thought it was funny to read this morning. Good job Hype.
Well, a 30 million dollar payday can be a great cure for pride smile.gif
Yep everyone wants that $$$$$!! I wouldnt mind seeing RJJ V.S. W. Wright.
Mean Mister Mustard
It is funny to see so many people wanting to fight DLH. They all act as if he's the P4P best in the world, the man to beat. But it's cool, they want to get paid, that's why it's called prozefighting.

But what's hilarious and pathetic is when they start saying that DLH is avoiding them. As if they won some sort of eliminator and DLH is obliged to fight them. Think Hopkins in 2003 when he was saying DLH was ducking him.
DLH will never go up to 166 to get massacred by Jones....he has alot of big money fights at 147. A Floyd rematch is one of them.
Jack 1000
Great work Ben! Everything is spot on. Here is the link:

It seems that Delahoya is now being used as little more than a big money bag that gets tossed around from fighter to fighter. Oscar hasn't won a big fight in several years, so all of these other boxers are counting the undeserved millions that they would get by fighting him, rather than the deserving challengers in their own weight class.

Oscar hasn't done anything of recent to deserve big fights just because he is a name guy. Shit! Most of you remember the 80's when we had the great competition of Leonard, Benitez, Hearns, Hagler, and Duran fighting among themselves, producing great matches and some great rivalries. The 1970's where the heavyweight division, may have been at its greatest with the Ali-Frazier trilogies, showed that it wasn't "all about the money." The money was second, third, or fourth on the list. In those days, you fought for perseverance, pride, and dedication, against the challengers that offered the greatest risks to you as a champion. Akin to squeezing blood from a turnip, fighters can now use a past-prime, still competitive, undeserved money bag in Delahoya, (along with the opponent having the weight advantage) so that they can fatten their wallets while avoiding real challenges.

It's kind of sad when MMA guys who don't get shit in pay compared to boxers are fighting their assess off to packed houses, while Jones, Delahoya, and Mayweather play the "lets fight the least risk guy for top money, because I'm too important and rich to face a real challenge anymore. (Some leeway to Floyd for fighting Hatton, but now there's talk of Mayweather-Delahoya II for all the above reasons, so Mayweather loses my respect for this, and so do Delahoya and Jones. This is like these multiple go arounds with Jones, Tarver, and Johnson, but with millions more dollars involved at low risks.

I am not suggesting that these guys weren't good to great in their time. But instead of not fighting top guys and possibly tarnishing the legacy of these former champions with another loss, the best thing to do would be for them to retire, and let the young lions fight each other for bragging rights. The senior circuit is getting repetitive and tiring.

QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jan 22 2008, 04:46 PM) [snapback]376005[/snapback]
DLH will never go up to 166 to get massacred by Jones....he has alot of big money fights at 147. A Floyd rematch is one of them.

Admit it. You would LOVE to see Roy embarass and beat the living hell out of Oscar De La Hoya
Thanks for the props...more importantly, thanks for reading it.

Just had to vent a little.

You know who else is irritating with all the begging...James Toney!
QUOTE(PR316 @ Jan 22 2008, 07:37 PM) [snapback]376025[/snapback]
Admit it. You would LOVE to see Roy embarass and beat the living hell out of Oscar De La Hoya

Of course I would thumbsup_anim.gif
I'd love to see ORJJ fight B-Hop after Bernard beats Cal. so he can shut RJJ's old sick looking ass up laugh.gif
Well I don't think Roy will ever stop talking regardless of what happens to him. But even now, I think Hopkins and Jones is a compelling match up, even B-Hop comes up short against Calzaghe. It wouldn't be too exciting thats for sure.
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