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Full Version: Shot fighters thread...
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Shot fighters...

Miguel Cotto - Just lost a clear cut UD to a guy he beat up twice (Jabdiel Judah). The wars are catching up to Cotto.

Maxy "Ice Cream' Gawn - He was kicked out of his gym and sent to CRACK HEADS UNITED. Ice Cream was showing signs of a shot fighter in his last fight and will be fed to Chad Dawson after next week.
Fighters can only really be classed as shot when they lose an ability point and Maxy "Ice Cream' Gawn has lost one of those so he's definitely in that bracket. Dawson will kill him.
Dawson is going to beat him alot worse than Alexeev did...thats for sure. It might last longer, but it will be a beatdown.

I almost feel sorry for SHOT ASS Ice Cream Gawn...

Actually, I dont.


I'm going to enjoy this beatdown very much. Revenge for Dipsy Gawn beating Holmes. Well, not exactly revenge, but I enjoy beating up the Gawns.
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