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Full Version: Recent Shannon Briggs interview.....
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For anyone interested, here is a recent interview with Shannon Briggs. They chat with him about boxing and poltics, and he mentions some interesting things.

They also chat about some rumors that Lennox Lewis is interested in fighting Wladimir Klitschko?!?!?!?
I always liked him, and I wish him the best. Funny what he said about Bush. Also, I would be extremely curious to see Lewis fight again and see if he has anything left.
Briggs is one of those guys that I feel never reached his potential. What a waste.

Brigg's stamina is one of the worst I have ever seen. He's gassed after the ring walk.
I don't think Briggs' respiratory issues are medical as much as they are physical.

I mean the guy in the late 90's was weighing in the 220's when he faced guys like Lewis and Foreman.

Fast forward just a couple of years and he was in the 260's I believe for McCline and basically for the last 7 years or so has been in the 260's - 270's. That's simply too much weight for the guy to be lugging around. Muscles are great and all but not when they are so big that you're gassed after a few rounds.

1.) That interviewer was crushing hard on Briggs's nuts.

2.) Briggs is hilarious. About fifty times, he went from saying "I ain't saying I'm the best" to "I'm the baddest mother-fucker on the planet" in the same breath. laugh.gif
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