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Full Version: Jones v. Trinidad
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Aside from the 2 knockdowns (-1 ilegit), I didn't see anything that made me believe that Roy is even a shadow of his former self. dntknw.gif What I saw was an over weight Trinidad facing a clown Jones. The again, when hasn't Jones been a clown. It seems to me people have yet to realize Jones hasn't really fought anyone (until now). Tarver and Glenn who? before they handed devastating knockouts to Roy, to show Roy hasn't a chin. Until the present, it was the speed that kept Jones off the canvas, but with that nearly gone, what's to become of him after Hopkins, Calzaghe, DeLa Hoya, Taylor or Pavlik just embarass him again? What excuses will Roy have then, and what defense of him will his fans come up with? Some may berate Tito for his somewhat lacking perfomance (if you can call it that), but the truth is that despite the knockdowns (any boxer can suffer), Trinidad does asimilate better than almost anyone who's climbed in the ring. Ask yourselves, would it have been the same for Jones if he'd hit the canvas? NOPE!!!!! Twice I've seen Jones fall, and twice I've seen him not get up or even attempt to recover. The first time he fell dead on his face as if his hands were cut at the root, the second he sat in a corner until the doc said it was time to go home. If Trinidad has nothing else to look for in the ring, then Jones is well overdue for a rest himself. I say again, as an avid fan of the sport of boxing, I was not impress with anything either had to throw, especially the lack of effort from Roy before the 7th..... clapping.gif
"It seems to me people have yet to realize Jones hasn't really fought anyone (until now). "

Have you heard of a guy named James Toney? How about Bernard Hopkins? Clinton Woods?Montell Griffin?Virgil Hill? No.......well all of those guys are hall of famers
I made it about 5 words into your post and stopped reading.

If you don't see the two official knockdowns as being "legit" then you don't know the definition of a knockdown which means you don't even fully understand the sport.

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