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Full Version: Cotto...not exaclty shot..but....
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The Cotto I saw against Jabdiel would get FUCKED up in 2 rounds vs. doubt.

Cotto just isnt the offensive beast he once was. He couldn't weat Jabdiel down.
Cotto switched up his style and boxed a beauty. It's obvious using a boxing style of that high level isn't suited for Cotto but he thought he would switch it up and show different looks to all the fighters that were in attendance.

Cotto did make history by becoming a 5-Time Jr. Welterweight World Champion.

He's becoming a regular Ric Flair laugh.gif
Since the 2nd Cotto fight, Zab's conditioning has improved TREMENDOUSLY!

If you cant get the respect of Zab, he will walk over you with his vicious attack. You know what Zab's abou Cyrus.

First of all, were going to retire Navarette once and for all this sunday. Just make a few adjustments and Zab will son him.

Next, retire Maussa.

Cotto will die in the 36 chambers.
I'm afraid the doctor/advisor/trainer of Cotto will force him to retire after Zab knocks his ass out.

Zab will be retiring fools left and right these next 3 weeks.

Cyrus, Zab will FORCE Cotto into retirement.

The way Cotto keeps winning and losing titles......he might just break Ric Flaris record before he dies in the ring.

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