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Full Version: Old champ Fernando Vargas announces comeback...
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"Ferocious" Fernando Vargas annoucned that he is back for 4 more fights. "I'm back!" Shouted Vargas at the post fight interview. However, Vargas looked slow, fat, and out of shape. "He's doing it because he needs quick cash." says a close friend of Vargas. of the former 2-division champion. "Fernando is spending more time at the taco stand then at the gym. He don't really have the will and heart anymore, he just wants quick cash. It's a shame, he had such potential. It's just too bad he was lazy and screwed up alot because he could have been one of the greatest. It's a pitty to see him like this." Vargas called out a list of fighters....he said that his fight with Zab Judah was basically a done deal, but he also called out an old rival, "Super", another old champion who is way past his best days. Vargas said that a 3rd fight between him and "Super" would be "fantastic". It would certainly be a good fight, but would it really mean anything? Two shot former champions, one clearly taking it for a last paycheck. Will "Super" accept?

Super accepts. Super will lay him out!
The fight will be on PPV. Fatnando Vargas and Cyrus "Super SHOT" Virus don't deserve to be on PPV, according to the hardocre fans. But then again, it will probably be a huge success because of the popularity of the fighters.

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