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Full Version: Zab Judah vs. Carlos Maussa III....
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This is it. Judah and Maussa have very tough fights ahead of them...both rematches. Judah has the former 2 division, P4P king, Roland Navarette...Maussa has one of the top 5 prospects P4P, Reilly. Win, lose, or draw, Judah-Maussa III will be on after their next fights.

It's all respect now between Zab Judah and Maussa...both HOFers...both at the tail end of their legendary careers. This is Maussa's retirement fight. Zab will give him a payday and retire him. This will be in Colombia and will be on PPV.

Maussa will probably be the underdog BUT.....Judah will be draining himself to make 135. He might be a little weaker and maybe Maussa will be a live dog come fight night.

I doubt it though, Judah will retire Mauassa with a vicious beating.

First fight, Maussa caught Zab early after a good start by Zab and knocked him out. Maussa KO 4 Judah.

2nd fight, Judah dominated Maussa by easy UD. 117-111 on all 3 cards.
This will be one of those fights that is talked about for centuries to come...when I think "Bring on the Titans", I think of THIS matchup.

In the 3rd fight, Maussa will bring each and every ounce of his Cancer Anger into that ring. There will be no winners that night...just survivors.
Carlos Quintana will be in Maussa's corner for his fight with Zab as a friend. He will also be giving Maussa some advice on beating Zab.
Zab will have Running Man in his corner.

Judah-Quintana have history together as well. I'm sure Quintana will want to get back at Zab after all those times Zab punished him in sparring.
For sure, Quintana is getting close to ready....two more fights and he will be good to go. His skills vs Zabs powers will be a great matchup.
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