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Full Version: Anybody remember this????
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Don't remember it being this creepy....and check out that LSD induced trance dance from 1:27-1:46! lol
Mean Mister Mustard
That was hilarious, the dancing part was the best.

Anyone else find the song catchy?
I can't believe nobody else remembers these things! Maybe they were only used down South or something.

Go to YouTube and type in "The Letter People"....and you can see them all.

For some reason M and H stuck out for me. 90% of the people who remember them...seem to remember M and a large % remember being totally freaked out by T, although he never really bugged me.

Later shows would then combine two when learning guessed it...C and H would bust out a duet! lol

But it worked.

I also have a memory or a boot and a womans shoe with eyes and mouths singing "Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar"...but I don't know the name of the actual show.
That was a little before me I think because I don't remember it, I was born in 80, that was pretty funny though, it's pretty hilarious to watch old shit that used to be on TV though..
I saw this in was my Kinder year.....and the public schools are usually a little behind all the I'd bet they were new in 75 or so.

You guys must be ancient, because I definitely have never heard of that. Must of been a Southern thing like you said.
I definitely remember these!

I remember the songs and the blowup letters, but I've never seen the videos...that shit is wack!!


Mr F was always one of my favorites:
QUOTE(Spyder @ Feb 2 2008, 02:28 PM) [snapback]377215[/snapback]
Mr F was always one of my favorites:

With the big feet! lol

Thank goodness somebody else remembers these things!

See....I never saw the videos....I suppose my school district was too cheap to buy what would have been new technology at that time by investing in a VCR! lol

BUT....I remember the cards they would give us at school....and then they would play the exact songs you hear on the videos....on a record player! lol

And the puppets look very little like the their card representations.

And we're not ancient Buffalo.....we're wise!

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