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FYI...I'll probably do a round-by-round for anyone interested.
I read where Chris Lytle knocked his opponent (Bradley) out and then Bradley pulled guard on the ref and tried to hit him. They said he did not know where he was.
Lesnar was puttin it on Mir badly, then got caught up in that knee-bar. I still think that Brock is for real. He was owning Mir with little problem. He took him down EASY then knocked him down with a punch. I think he was just way too excited. But his strength is unbelievable. I think he will do well in the future. He just needs to learn to settle down some......IMO.
The Nogueira/Sylvia fight was alright. I found myself getting aggrivated with the pace, but I was glad to see Nogueira win. As soon as he got Tim on his back, it was over. I would really like to see a Nogueira/Mir fight. That would be interesting.
Hey Hype, I appreciate all the round-by-rounds you do man. I am surprised there wasn't more people on here interested in this one. I wasn't going to get it, but couldn't help myself come fight time.
I thought it was overall an entertaining card. I think there were 3 chokes? Not sure we've ever gotten that many on one card before!

My favorite moment from the night was when the cameraman ran into Bruce Buffer and almost knocked him on his ass! Did anyone else catch that? thumbsup_anim.gif
Bill The Butcher
I agree. Lesnar looked like he was legit. He just got way too excited in there. Looking forward to seeing him again. That guy is a brute. He just needs to work on his defense against the submission and settle down with his punches and I think he will do fine. I'm still curious if he can take a punch. I'm sure he can. He has a big head, neck, and jaw, but you never know.
LOL! I saw that Buff. It was during the ring entrance of one of the fights. I forgot which one.

Bill - Brock's strength is unbelievable. He was throwing Mir around like he was nothing, and Mir is a BIG guy. I was impressed by the way Brock hammered him down with a single punch. Brock would MURDER Kimbo. MURDER I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
pastor method
being able to put frank mir on his back is not that big of a deal. he's a jiu jitsu fighter, he loves being on his back. maybe if brock would have lasted longer than 40 seconds (or so) when the fight hit the ground, that might mean something.
i mean, there are lots of guys who could take mir down and hit him with 10 hammer fists and then get submitted.

that said, if the ufc actually wants lesnar to do well (i think they do, judging by all the hype and money they've given him) then puting him in with mir was an awful decision. why would you let him fight a grappling vet like mir in only his second mma fight? stupid.

lesnar has awesome physical abilities and a wrestling pedigree. he's obviously got power and ridiculous strength, so he can make some noise in the sub-par heavyweight division. but bringing him in with only 1 fight is a bad idea. he needs time to develop. even when he was hitting the heavy bag in the promos, he looked like he had no idea how to box. it was like a novice who had been boxing for three weeks.

anyway, lesnar will get a couple ufc wins... but i don't think he'll ever be champion. and i don't think he'll ever work his way to a title shot unless they give him four or five gift fights in a row against lesser wrestlers, guys with no ground game or take down defense, and/or even less experienced fighters.
QUOTE(TheWhiteBuffalo @ Feb 3 2008, 01:29 PM) [snapback]377364[/snapback]
My favorite moment from the night was when the cameraman ran into Bruce Buffer and almost knocked him on his ass! Did anyone else catch that? thumbsup_anim.gif

And occaisionaly thereafter he made some weird lateral movements while announcing.

But I also like Yves Lavine being put in the guard!! thumbsup_anim.gif
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