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Full Version: juan carlos gomez to get shot @ title
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i always though gomez was good enough to make some noise @ HW but it seems like he half pissed his career away with promoter & manager trouble left & right. i think it could be perfect timing if he can keep his head straight & handle his business. i really hope he does really...@ one point i actually followed his career somewhat before he pretty much fell off the face of the earth some years back. it looks like roach is his trainer.
Former WBC cruiserweight champion and current WBC #2 heavyweight contender Juan Carlos Gomez' team is now intact. Gomez' conditioning coach Moritz Klatten has arrived from Germany to Los Angeles to handle the physical training of Gomez' preparation for his pending title eliminator with Vladimir Virchis. Freddie Roach, as previously reported by Fightnews, is Gomez' new head trainer. Though Gomez had reported earlier that the March 8th date was a little short on notice, he did want it to be known that he had not turned the fight down. "The WBC title eliminator is very important to me and I will not let that opportunity go by," said Gomez. "I have a great respect for the WBC as I was a former world champion of theirs at cruiserweight. Whether it's Virchis or another fighter, I would fight March 8th if I have to without a doubt."
I have not at all been impressed with JCG at HW.....he's the one guy that might even be more dissapointing than James Toney @HW.

Ugly KO loss by the limited Diaz. NC due to cocaine with McCall. His 2 best wins at HW are 2 boring UDs over an old McCall and Sanil Sam....who himself has also accomplised zip.

BUT...somehow he hangs around....I say give him his shot so he can get KTFO and ride off into the sunset with one last pay day.....because I'm sick of seeing his name linger for no reason at's as if he has became today's WBC version of Tucker....always listed no matter if he sat on his ass for a year or two.

The guy only has 12 HW fights since 2001! That's like...2 fights a year....the champs might be allowed to pull that...but condenders should not!
moscow bear
LOL I actually laughed reading the last post.... so true.
The Original MrFactor
Juan Carlos Gomez=Eddie Chambers...
The guy is a coke head.....or so it has been reported.

Decent fighter but absolutely no appeal.

Hopefully he can get a few nice paychecks, but there is no way he is a force in the division.
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