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There is a show that airs on the National Geographic Channel called "Fight Science". They study all forms of combat sports and martial arts. They have done episodes on every form of combat sports I can think of. During each episode they will take crash test dummies and hook up all kinds up pressure devices up to it and things of that nature and measure the impact of various strikes from certain fighters. Up until the most recent episode I had watched, a Muy Thai practitioner held the deadliest strike with the thai kicks to the sturnum area. They measured near fatal, or fatal I forgot.

So, just recently they had a special on MMA fighters. Among the fighters they were testing in various departments were Randy Couture, Bas Rutten, Tito Ortiz, and Dean Lister. The episode, as all of them, was very interesting. But I found this one to be especially interesting for reasons already known. Anyhow, Bas Rutten demonstrated a side kick to the sternum of a dummie that registered considerably higher than that of the Muy Thai fighter. His kick was near deadly. The man that was conducting the experiment had to come down and have Bas do it again because he thought that there was something wrong with the machine and that it registered the wrong numbers. So Bas did it again and it registered even higher the second time around. Very good episode. I am going to see if I can find a link to it.
Found a link. Enjoy.
I watched it when it came on a couple weeks ago.....I had been waiting for weeks to see it. Excellent program! I didn't watch the one with the Special Forces or whatever it was....I just couldn't get into that one.

But Damn....Bas was scary on that show. Tito just hammed it up for the camera and really irritated me for some reason. But I definitely recommend everyone taking time to watch it.
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'Dummy doesn't hit back...ewereereerrr...' *scowl* *pect bounce* *JCVD chair split*

Good episode. I like to make fun of Bas for his off the wall attitude and energy, but when it comes down to it the man is a professional. A scary one at that.
How long has it been since Bas has fought? I was impressed with the shapoe he is still in.

LOL @ Tito. The show could have done without him IMO. He was hamming it up bigtime.

The part where Randy's lactic acid count actually went down after strenuous excercise was amazing.
Bas fought a fight about a year and a half ago for a new organization that only lasted one event (WCF, WEC, W-something something). Bas has trouble with his knees and has been advised by doctors to stop competing. He came out of retirement for that fight and won very impressively, but had to have more surgeries to a knee because of the damage sustained in that event. He really can't compete anymore, but if he could he would be the next UFC heavyweight Champion. The guy is dangerous, just too many wars back in his day.
Great show...and Bas is the truth.
What was the name of the show they measured the force Rampage Jackson's punches caused... was it also FightScience?

LOL at Tito:

I remember back in the early days of Pride when Bas called out Rickson Gracie. Damn that shit would've been epic. I wish he could've gotten it together for Wanderlei Silva and some of the other guys he was looking to fight back then. Its a damn shame his knees went bum like that, the man was a Pancrase legend.
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